Dumbbells for effective home workouts

Dumbbells make for easy, effective upper body workouts anywhere.

Fitness fads come and go, but dumbbells are the most popular training tool, whether you are following an exercise video or simply making up a routine as you go along! But before splashing out, think about how you plan to use your weights and much space you have to store them.

Unleash Your Potential

These are much stronger and more durable than plastic filled with cement, which can be prone to cracks and leaks. PROIRON

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Easy to use connectors will help you alternate quickly between dumbbells and barbells to save time and ensure peak performance while strength training.

Shape Up Fast

Anti roll technology makes them convenient and easy to store, while the non-slip coating makes for a comfortable grip and means sweat is not an issue. UMI

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Lighter weights are ideal for rehabilitation and physiotherapy exercises, as well as general muscle toning or gentle conditioning. Bring a new dimension to activities such as walking, squats, lunges, step aerobics, and pilates.

Wide Grips

Use these individually, or connect them to do deadlifts, chest presses, and other exercises. Ranges from 4-33 kilograms. PROIRON

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To prevent the risk of weights falling off during a workout, ensure your dumbbells have double locking nuts, which can be tightly secured to ensure stability and allow for a greater range of motion.