Bluetooth technology was invented by the Swedish telecoms company Ericsson in 1994, and since then it’s revolutionised the way we’ve listened to music. A high-quality Bluetooth speaker allows us to wirelessly connect to all manner of devices, including speakers that get the party started wherever we are. Below are some of our favorite options.

Pocket-sized: Sony Srs-XB12 Compact and Portable Waterproof Wireless Speaker

Rock Out While You Lunch

Tactile design with bass-boosting technology for quality sound wherever you are. Amazon

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When you think about what you want from your speaker, you need to think about what you’re going to do with it. And if you just want something smaller than a drinks can that you can chuck in your bag, this little device definitely ticks that box—and more besides. A single charge gives around 16 hours of battery life, and it’s water-resistant so it’s fine to have it in the bathroom. With clever technology designed to boost the bass, it’s been designed with dance music lovers in mind and can even be paired with another speaker for a stereo effect.

Three Color Choices

This unassuming model boasts exceptional battery life. Amazon

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When you’re buying a speaker, have a look at the IPX rating; this will give you an indicator of whether it’s been designed to be used in a wet environment. When it comes to speakers, something rated as IPX5 will be fine if it gets the odd splash, but you shouldn’t dunk it. If it says IPX7 on the other hand, you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about if it accidentally falls in the bath or the pool. This IPX7 rated speaker, which has an impressive 24 hours of battery life and the ability to pair with another speaker for stereo effect, gets top marks from fans for packing a lot into a package that’s smaller than a packet of biscuits.

Get Loud

This option is designed for those who live life to the max. Amazon

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While many Bluetooth speakers can fill a small room with sound, take them outside and you might find they struggle. That’s partly to do with volume, but also to do with the direction that the speakers face. This rugged device is built for the great outdoors, with an IPX7 waterproof rating and a design so shockproof the manufacturers describe it as “virtually indestructible.” This one has a 360-degree speaker, too, so you’ll be able to hear your tunes no matter throughout the pool party or campsite.