If you’re looking to lose a little weight, or simply to get fitter, you need data and measurements to help track your progress. Knowing your weight is a start, but not all weight is created differently—what percentage of your body is muscle mass and what percentage fat can tell you a lot more about your fitness and health. Today’s hi-tech bathroom scales mimic the sort of metrics you can access in health clubs and gyms. Here’s what to look for.

Synch Data with Your Devices

Along with reading 13 measurements, including Muscle Mass and Basal Metabolism, via four high-precision sensors and electrodes, it connects to your devices to track progress and help you achieve goals. RENPHO

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If knowing your weight in stone, pounds or kilograms is enough for you, that’s fine, of course—most scales these days are digital, and will give a high, reliable accuracy reading. But for those who want more information, look for scales that do more, via electrode sensors.

Elegant and Unobtrusive Accuracy

Simple-to-use, providing an accuracy to 0.05kg/0.1lb, with three weight measurements options. Vitafit

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Connecting to phones and FitBits, and synching with apps, the new generation scales can share information to multiple devices, allowing unlimited users to track goals, and for families and groups to share progress and information.

Monitor Your Progress

Uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology to accurately measure 11 body metrics, while also synching with devices including FitBits and Google Fit. KAMTRON

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Modern scales can tell you more than just your weight—they can measure body mass index, muscle mass and subcutaneous fat, too. However, they still cannot replicate the readings taken in clinics and hospitals—and are not a substitute.