Think you don’t need an inflatable mattress? Think again. Whether you’re a camper or a festival-goer, tight for space for overnight guests, or simply want something that bit more luxurious than a sun lounger for use in the garden, there’s an inflatable out there that will make your life easier. And forget huffing and puffing, the top of the range picks even come with a built-in electric pump for hassle-free inflation.

Takes Up Less Space

Simple but effective, a budget buy that does exactly what you need it to. Amazon

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Weighing less than 2kg, this simple air mattress is small enough to take on a camping trip or to a festival. But it’s also super useful to have in the house if you need to accommodate any last-minute visitors. The robust coil beam capacity can withstand up to 150kg, and the flocked top means sheets won’t slide off. Bear in mind you’ll need a hand-powered or electric pump to inflate it.

Three Colors Available

This model makes inflation a breeze. Amazon

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One of the drawbacks of traditional camping mattresses like the one above is that when you inflate them at home, you end up sleeping at eye level with the skirting boards, with your nose inches from the ground, which not only isn’t terribly conducive to a good night’s sleep, but can make things tricky for people with mobility problems. That’s where a properly proportioned inflatable mattress comes in. Standing almost half a metre off the ground, this one is about the same height as a standard low bed and comes with a built-in electric pump to make inflating and deflating quick and efficient. It weighs almost 8kg, so while you’re not going to want to take it on a hike with you, it’s ideal as an instant bed for impromptu visitors.

Everything In One Place

The ultimate space-saving spare, complete with attached headrest. Amazon

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This inflatable mattress ticks all the boxes for ease and comfort with a built-in pump, flocked top, and a construction with 21 cell-like structures that ensure your body is properly supported. It also comes with an integrated pillow.