There’s no wonder air fryers are popular: they offer up all your favourite fried foods but with a fraction of the calories. Deep fat fryers give you a crispy finish by dehydrating the surface of the food. Air fryers work in a similar way, except rather than submerging the food entirely in oil, it’s coated in a thin layer and then the oil and the food is heated by circulating very hot air. Because air is not as good a conductor of heat as oil, you won’t get exactly the same crisp that you get from deep frying, but it’s close.

Even Cooking

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While some fryers might require you to turn foods partway through cooking to ensure they’re evenly cooked, this one boasts a built-in paddle that does the stirring for you. Although compact, it still promises to serve up four portions. Go ahead and make a stir fry without hovering over a wok. Or try out one of the 150 recipes in the accompanying app.

Make A Lot

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If you’ve got a large family, cooking in batches isn’t really going to cut it, so you’ll need to look for a large volume fryer, such as this one. The 5.5-litre frying basket is about nine inches square and will easily do chips for everyone. You can even fit a whole chicken in there and there’s easily space enough for a full-sized cake tin. Surprised by the thought of air fried cake? Don’t be. The only oil that goes into the fryer is what you put on the outside of the food you put in there, and after that, it’s basically a miniature convection oven.

Make Food Faster

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Kitchen gadget junkies who are running out of space might not be able to justify cupboard room—or worktop space—for yet another appliance, but that doesn’t mean you have to live without an air fryer in your life. It could be that you need to switch out a handful of other appliances for one that will do it all. So, if you’re currently hoarding a rice cooker, a slow cooker, a steamer, or a pressure cooker, you might want to consider this multi-cooker that can do it all. You simply switch the regular lid for the air fry version and you’ve got a 4.7-litre basket to fill.