Deep fat fryers get your food crispy by using the oil to dehydrate it. Air fryers work in a similar way but rather than using oil entirely, they use a thin layer of oil on the food, and then circulate hot air around it, making it a far healthier way to enjoy crispy foods. Here’s what to keep in mind when looking for your air fryer…

Chips For Six

Takes up to a half-dozen portions of potato in a non-stick, dishwasher safe basket. Also available in a 5.2-litre and 7.6-litre model for even greater capacity. Ninja

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An air fryer sounds like the answer to your prayers, but make sure that yours is large enough to feed all the hungry mouths around the table, without having to make them wait for a second batch. Check the capacity—and what the manufacturer claims—but also have a look at online reviews for the truth about whether a whole chicken really can fit into the model that you’ve got your eye on.

Press And Go

Pre-programmed for quick and easy cooking, this square design gives you greater capacity and comes with a number of time-saving functions. COSORI

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To make your life even easier, look out for additional features, such as one-touch pre-set programmes that mean you don’t have to think about timings. Some models offer a shake reminder—to nudge you to give your food a jiggle to ensure that everything is cooked evenly (although some devices have a rotating internal paddle that means you don’t have to touch a thing). A keep warm function will keep food warm and crisp after cooking, and dishwasher safe components to make cleaning up a breeze.

Versatile Cooking Options

With options to grill, bake, roast, and more, as well as additional accessories available, including skewers, pizza and cake pan, this clever, space-saving appliance does it all. Tower

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If you’re stuck for space, or looking for a versatile cooking appliance for a camper van or similar, although it sounds unlikely, an air fryer might be what you’ve been looking for. Air fryers are fundamentally convection ovens, they just heat up a lot quicker, and often to higher temperatures. But that means that many also come with additional functions which mean that they can be used to fry, grill,bake or roast.