Computer keyboards, laptop screens and even tight corners can make deep cleaning tricky. Air dusters offer a way to dislodge dirt without potentially damaging delicate items. They offer a powerful stream of air, contact-free and without exerting pressure, for a true deep and hygienic clean.

Triple Pack

An easy, budget-friendly, fuss-free option, or good for anyone who doesn’t need to invest in a long-term product. 5 Star

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If your deep cleaning needs are just a one-off or occasional, you might not want or need to invest in an actual appliance. Disposable air dusters should probably fulfil your needs, and are portable and straightforward, with no need for a power supply or recharging. They are pressurised air, however, which means they are flammable, so should be treated carefully and kept in cool conditions without exposure to heat or flames.

Strong Deep Cleaning

A deluxe option that promises to clear circuit boards and medical equipment of lint, as well as keyboards and corners. Charges in around three hours for a power equivalent to that of a gale force ten. OPOLAR

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If you are regularly needing a deep-cleaning device, it’s worth considering purchasing one that will last for years. If you’re planning to use it outdoors or in places without a nearby power supply, such as a garage, a rechargeable, cordless option could be a good bet.

Damage-Free Jet Clean

Lightweight (900g) and versatile, this choice is mains-powered with an electric motor and three nozzle attachments to accurately direct a sustained, powerful gust. IT Dusters

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If you have multiple needs for an air duster—from brickwork to electronic devices, for example—look for one with variable attachments to enable you to get that air stream into the maximum number of possible corners and crevices.