Affordable essential oil diffusers to make your space feel a bit lovelier

An ambiance upgrade.

There’s a lot of pseudo-science surrounding essential oils, but they don’t need to cure any ailments in order to improve your life. Helping your home smell nicer (without the risk associated with a candle’s open flame) is nice enough. Lavender and chamomile may make you feel more at calm, while citrusy oils might give you a bit of zip in the afternoon. Devices like those listed below let you experiment with scent combinations that make you feel most at peace. Remember, some essential oils are bad for your pets, so make sure you do your research before diffusing.

Pure Daily Care Ultrasonic Diffuser

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This budget-friendly diffuser holds 400ml of water and uses ultrasonic technology to diffuse the oils, which helps spread them throughout your space. This diffuser is a great size for any side table or nightstand. With seven different light choices, you can choose the color that best fits your mood. Various timer settings also allow you to run your diffuser for an hour, three hours, or even six hours. This is great for anyone just dipping their toes into essential oil diffusing because there are 10 therapeutic grade essential oils included—try out various combinations to find your favorite blend.

Elegant Life Metal Diffuser

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This diffuser is encased in an intricate iron exterior and has all the benefits of a traditional diffuser, including a timer, changeable interior LED light, and a 500ml water tank. If don’t love the typical plastic design of most essential oil diffusers, then this is the pick for you. The metal disguises the plastic body of the diffuser for a more aesthetically pleasing look and helps extend its life by preventing corrosion.

Innogear USB Car Diffuser

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This InnoGear USB Car Diffuser might be your perfect driving companion. Made to fit directly into your vehicle’s cup holder, this portable mini diffuser is designed to put out just enough mist for the small space of your car. The 50ml tank is perfect for on-the-go diffusing. When the water tank is empty, it will turn off automatically. With two misting settings and various color modes, this has all the qualities of an in-home diffuser. The Innogear USB Car Diffuser is ideal for anyone looking to bring the calm and comfort of essential oils into the car.

Goline small diffuser

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This little bear houses 50ml of water and quietly shuts off when the vessel is empty. Charged via a USB cable, it has eight hours of life, so this is a great bedtime companion.