Get 300 coding and creative courses for $59 with Stone River eLearning

Enjoy lifetime access to this huge library.

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Learning new skills is the single best strategy for improving your prospects at work. The folks behind Stone River eLearning understand this very well. This platform includes 300 courses on code, design, animation, and many other niches. The library provides over 2,000 hours of high-quality video training in total. Right now, you can get a lifetime membership for just $59 at the PopSci Shop.

Whether you want to move upwards in your current career or start a new one, Stone River eLearning can help. Over 300,000 students have taken courses on this platform, and many come away with résumé-enhancing certificates.

The library includes courses on web development and design, covering Bootstrap, Unity 3D, Java, Python, MySQL, node.js, CSS, and more. You can also learn how to code mobile apps, make games, create 3D animations, and design eye-catching graphics.

In addition, lifetime membership comes with some VIP perks. You get personal learning guidance, access to great ebooks, and a one-year subscription to CodeMag. Just as importantly, you can take unlimited certification exams.

Order now for $59 to get lifetime access to all the courses, worth $11,500. Use code MADNESS15 at checkout for an extra 15 percent off.

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