Start coding for the voice-activated future

Learn how to build apps for Amazon Alexa for under $20.

Amazon Alexa is at the forefront of voice-activated technology. You can simply ask “her” for live information, or use commands to control devices around your home. The Amazon Alexa Coding Bundle lets you create your own apps for the platform, with two premium courses for $19 via the Popular Science Shop.

Available on the Amazon Echo and Dot speakers, along with iOS and Android, Alexa is changing the way we interact with devices. This training helps you understand the technology and harness it for great new functions. The beginners’ course starts from scratch, teaching you how to write your first lines of code. You work through 10 key skills, and learn how to create your own Alexa smart device with the Raspberry Pi 3.

The advanced course helps you build pro-level apps. You learn how to link Alexa to your online accounts and stream music from online sources. The training is delivered through concise videos, finishing with an 80-minute mock exam to test your knowledge. You’ll end up with the skills to automate your home or start developing Alexa apps professionally.

Order now for $19 to start learning and save over 90 percent.