The Ultimate Star Wars Gift Guide

The Force is strong with these toys

Now that the spoilers are out and Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is already breaking records, the question arises: What can I buy to keep the force alive? Last minute-scrambling for high-tech (or just plain fun) Star Wars toys and gadgets is underway. To help with your search, the editors of Popular Science have compiled a list of the 10 best.

BB-8 Droid: $150

The star of this Star Wars—the BB-8, a rolling, clowning droid with all the cute anthropomorphism you can squeeze out of a Disney film. Here’s your chance to own its mini friend. It comes equipped with smart-phone directed modes: driving via animated joystick; messaging commands like “help” to send it rolling; and patrol, which lets BB-8 roll where he wants.

Millennium Falcon Quadcopter: $110

The remote-control geniuses at Air Hogs unleashed an armada of Star Wars flying ships this summer and Millennium Falcon quadcopter is the standout. Four rotors provide the flight control and maneuverability that make a quadcopter like this easy and enjoyable to fly. But it’s the way the blades are nestled within the foam body, making them nearly invisible during flight, that get your inner Wookie jabbering.

AT-AT U Command: $100

New drone technology has spilled over to loads of remote controlled toys for what we think is a new Golden Age of RC gadgets. We present one of the coolest, and weirdest: The AT-AT U Command by Thinkway. The 10.5″ tall Imperial walker can plod along in all directions and turn its boxy head side to side, just like an awkward pachyderm.

Sandcrawler: $300

Legos. Need we say more? The snap-and-play parts company has a wide array of Star Wars toys out now, from an X-wing to the Millennium Falcon to a giant Star Destroyer. But the best has got to be this massive Sandcrawler, the Jawa transport that lumbers across the sands of Tatooine. The 3,300-piece transport comes with minifigures and droids, a speeder bike, and even working cranes on the sides.

Death Star Bluetooth Speaker: $40

Who doesn’t want a bedside Death Star that rocks out? The Death Star Bluetooth Speaker from eKids syncs up with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer to wirelessly stream music. It even lights up when playing.

Star Wars The Black Series Force FX Lightsabers: From $150

These lightsabers by Hasbro are the closest you’ll get to ever having a real one. A solid metal hilt has the heft of what you’d imagine an actual lightsaber to have, and the light and sound effects make for a spectacular display. For the serious role-playing fan.

Star Wars: Battlefront : $40

Don’t just see Star Wars, fight in the battle. A reboot of the acclaimed EA series, Star Wars Battlefront realizes the fantasy of every fan who ever wanted to battle in the icy land of Hoth, or amidst the forests of Endor. Pick up a controller and fight up to 40 online players, joining the action as a rebel or imperial soldier. You can also fight as a specific character: Luke? Or bad daddy Vader? You decide.

Boba Fett String Bling Yo-Yo: $15

It seems only right when gushing over gadgets from a 38-year-old franchise, that we go to a throwback classic. These yo-yos by Yomega, with a high-performance fireball design and old school Star Wars artwork, make you feel like you’re 10 years old and living in the age of Disco. Perplexingly, it’s equipped with a safety ring to protect your finger from tight strings. Either way, slinging this thing is immensely satisfying.

R2-D2 U Command: $143

Remote controlled devices, robots, drones, and the like speak to us here at Popular Science, and with so many in the field of Star Wars toys this year, our guide was bound to be skewed to them. So with that, here is R2. Made by Thinkway, the same creators of the AT-AT U Command, this R2 functions in much the same way, with pre-programmed commands and instructions, lights and sounds, and a swiveling head. The best addition, however, is R2’s ability to talk to you. Ask it questions, and it responds. Oh, and it wouldn’t be a true R2 toy if it didn’t project images of Leia on the wall to plead for Obi-Wan’s help.

Darth Vader Shower Head: $50

If you maybe don’t want to advertise your fanboy status, you can enjoy this Darth Vader shower head in the ultimate privacy. Imagine Darth Vader staring you down at your most vulnerable. That’ll wake you up. May his water force be with you.