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Halter ED-600 Elevating Desktop.

UPDATE: This deal is donezo, but it’s still available for $256.

Standing desks don’t guarantee perfect health—in fact, the science behind the body benefits of standing while working is a little light—but ask anyone who works 8-10 hours on a computer and they’ll tell you: having flexibility in your the way your body is positioned is unambiguously a good thing.

And now an elevated, adjustable desk workplace is on super sale. The Halter ED-600 Elevating Desktop comes fully assembled. It’s 35.6 inches long and 20.4 inches wide and weighs around 47 pounds. Squeeze the handles to adjust the height from a sitting to standing position in seconds. It uses a gas spring to make the adjustment super easy. You could also grab this Kangaroo anti-fatigue mat for cushioning if you will be on your feet for extended periods of time.

Amazon; $179.99.

Or, the overly ambitious could make their own.

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