Stand out at the water cooler with this customizable toy mug

The perfect cup for Lego fans and procrastinators, now at half price

Ah, Legos: who doesn’t love using them to flex those creative juices? Thanks to the Build-On Brick Mug, grownups can find some playtime during their coffee break. This cup is entirely covered with a peg and hole design, providing the perfect canvas for new inventions. Normally priced at $39.99, the mug is now just $19.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

Join this amazing community of mug architects sharing their designs online: some add dragons and other mythical beasts to their mugs, others add wheels and suspension for mobile drinks. The mug is completely compatible with Lego bricks, and works fine with other similar toys.

Apart from the office kudos and opportunities to stall on delivering that report, the Build-On Mug is great for calming work stress and expending excess energy. The plastic is entirely BPA-free, and there are two smooth sides for enjoying your choice of refreshment.

Order now for $19.99 to get this awesome mug at half price – because even grownups need a quick recess.