Sinister décor for those who wallow in darkness all year round

Macabre and fun for the whole family.

spooky decorations for your home
Live like the Adams via Unsplash

You don’t need holidays as an excuse to turn your house into a museum of the macabre. Maybe you just have a thing for cobwebs and skeletons. Maybe you’re a housebound horror author. Maybe you’re just the alpha goth in your neighborhood.

Whatever the reason, there is no excuse for not going all in. To turn your home into a proper nightmare hellscape, you need to make sure your commitment shines through in all the little details. And the big, blood-soaked ones, too.

Atmos FearFX Kit

Atmos FearFX Kit
Congrats, you’re now that house in the neighborhood.Amazon

A little translucent projection material over your window, compact LED projector, and the right atmospheric DVD and your house isn’t just the one people stop and nod their appreciation at—it’s the one they openly stop and gawk at. Project images of ghosts, witches, and even one that shows trick-or-treaters being attacked (in silhouette) by classic horror monsters like the Wolfman and Dracula. Your house isn’t just decorated, it’s now a piece of multimedia performance art. The projector works with both standard DVD players and computers (though you will need a USB cord).

Unomor Garage Door/Archway Decorations

Unomor Garage Door/Archway Decorations
What is your house going as this year?Amazon

Everyone is so concerned about how they look and what they’re going to wear when it comes time to get spooky, but no one ever considers the house. Well, you can now ensure that your home is as dressed up as you are. These water- and sun-resistant decorations attach with simple double-faced adhesive tape and are designed to be durable and re-useable. They work on doorways, archways, garages, and even car hoods—the eyes and teeth are made of durable plastic and the adhesives won’t peel paint or leave scratches.

Handbook for the Recently Deceased

Replica Books Handbook for the Recently Deceased
Reads like stereo instructions.Amazon

The best movie references are the subtle ones. Although this is basically just a blank journal, those who've seen Beetlejuice as many times as, well, anyone who would buy something this has will get the joke immediately and appreciate your macabre sense of humor. Designed to look like the "handbook" given to the recently deceased Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis in the 1988 cult classic, this will add just the right touch to any spooky bookshelf or coffee table.

RUOAR Vintage Pillows

RUOAR Vintage Pillows
Scarier Homes And Gardens.Amazon

Sure, you can put a giant inflatable skeleton on your lawn once a year and call it a day, but if the spirit of the ghastly and unholy really flows through you, you make such things a part of your everyday life, all year round. Nothing says you have large passages of Edgar Allan Poe memorized than these stylish but still sinister throw pillows. An elegant way to signal that you are not just a once a year reveler.