These discounted headphones use bone conduction technology to stream your playlists

They won't even go inside your ears.

There are over-ear headphones, there are in-ear earbuds, and then there are bone conduction headphones. Unlike the former two that deliver sound straight to your ears, bone conduction headphones transmit sound vibrations along your cheekbones. This mimics an audio waveform by passing directly to the inner ear. Since they aren’t placed in or over your ears, it makes it easy for you to hear things in your surroundings, like honking cars and conversations taking place around you.

The same technology is used in many hearing aids, and word on the street is Beethoven also used it to continue making music after losing his hearing. If you want to try this innovative tech, the Zulu Exero headset lets you experience truly personal out-of-ear audio, and a set is available now for just $34.99 (reg. $49). 

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this pair utilizes a light vibration in the headset as they rest around your ears, so music is generated for you without blocking sound made from your surroundings. During situations where noise cancellation is unsafe and uncomfortable, like when you’re running or jogging outdoors or commuting during peak hours, the extra awareness is super valuable. With these on, you can still hear the world around you all while enjoying your favorite playlists. Plus, thanks to the ergonomic design, these won’t fall out and will stay rested around your ears.

With built-in Bluetooth, they allow for wireless audio streaming. They’re also equipped with a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery, coupled with a charging cable for easy refueling.

No doubt about it, the Zulu Exero headset is the ideal pair to wear while on the move, on the road, in the home, on the job, and pretty much anywhere else. For a limited time, you can grab a set on sale for only $34.99. That’s a 30 percent discount from the usual retail cost of $49.

Prices subject to change.