Save big on a subscription to this app that streams music for productivity

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You don’t need science to tell you that music has the capacity to make you feel productive. You may already find that your favorite songs can easily make you feel pumped up, giving you the motivation to complete a task or finish up a workout.

Then again, music-powered productivity still hinges on the type of songs you listen to. If a certain task requires more brainpower, streaming music, especially loud tracks or those with lyrics, may only overstimulate your brain and distract you altogether. Not all songs are created to accompany you while you work. WiredVibe, however, packs visual and sound therapies specifically engineered to improve your focus and elevate your productivity. For a limited time, a subscription to this app is available at its lowest price yet.

Whether you are a student, engineer, artist, or just a typical worker, WiredVibe can help you reach peak productivity. It utilizes Brainwave Technology to provide neuroscience-based visual and sound therapy optimized for getting work done. The app’s core technology uses brainwave entrainment to alter neural oscillations accordingly and stimulate cells inside your ear. In short, its content is optimized to positively impact your brain activity, leading to enhanced productivity.

Rated 5/5 stars by verified purchasers, WiredVibe’s technology is engineered to improve your focus in just 10 minutes. The sound library is constantly updated, tested, and improved. A lifetime subscription nets you access to unlimited tracks, a sound mix and match feature, and even a Pomodoro timer and to-do list, making it an all-rounder. Full virtual video workspaces tested by the University of Michigan and KAIST Daejeon University are also available, which are found to offer support that can enhance people’s study experience and increase their focus.

A lifetime subscription formerly retails for $1,198, but you can get it on sale for only $39.99 for a limited time—a savings of 96 percent.

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