With everything gradually going back to normal, you’re no longer forced to be confined within the four walls of your home. And even when working remotely, you finally have the freedom to go out and stay productive in your favorite cafes and co-working spaces. But when you choose to stay in coffee shops and other public spaces, you also have to go back to being vigilant, especially when it comes to your internet connection.

Nothing beats free internet from public establishments, but connecting to their networks is generally unsafe and puts you at risk of strangers tracking your online activity. The wise thing to do is to connect to a VPN to mask your digital footprint and, for a limited time, you can grab this VPNSecure Online Privacy: Lifetime Subscription for an extra 25-percent off. This is a fantastic deal that’s exclusive to Popular Science readers. 

VPNSecure is unlike other VPN services in a way because not only does it keep your information secure, but it also helps you dodge annoying pop-ups and ads that come your way while browsing. It never logs your movements, so whatever you do on the internet is for your eyes only. It also comes with a smart DNS component that lets you bypass geographical restrictions, so you can access your favorite content with no trouble.

With VPNSecure, you can make your way through the internet with a masked location and IP address. The service uses stealth VPN to render your VPN traffic unrecognizable as well. It also delivers unlimited bandwidth, meaning you’ll experience zero lags as you browse and stream.

“VPNSecure provided us with nearly everything we needed to search the web safely and even included some unique features like the Meta Search Engine,” raved

You can try it out yourself by picking up a lifetime subscription, which you can enjoy on up to five different devices, for an additional 25-percent off. It’s normally $1,194, but when you key in VPN25 at checkout, you can get this VPNSecure Online Privacy: Lifetime Subscription for just $29.99.

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