Discover your cultural heritage with a simple and effective test kit

It's a bigger connection to your roots than ever before.

Now more than ever, we need connection. Our ancestral past can tell us so much about ourselves and help us shed some light for our future generations. The way we relate to our family stories and create our own narratives helps us define ourselves and establish a core identity. A core identity allows us to better understand our behaviors and create healthy relationships with our family members and friends. 

Getting in touch with your familial identity is as advanced and accessible as ever. The Vitagene DNA Ancestry Premium Test Kit & Health Plan Voucher‘s list price is $139, and it’s been on sale for $89.99, a 35 percent discount. As a special, limited-time Memorial Day price drop, it will soon cost just $78.97. 

A connection with past gives us a valuable historical link that gives us a broader appreciation of the past and the future. Our knowledge of our ancestral heritage is something we can pass on to our children, and our grandchildren. In addition to insights into where your family s from, this test kit can also offer data that can inform how you approach you and your family’s physical health. From inspiring new ideas, to forging new relationships — the influences of such knowledge is truly endless. 

There are a ton of testing options out there, but Vitagene DNA Ancestry Premium Test Kit and Health Plan Voucher is unique. Not only can you check out your genetic makeup and ancestry, Vitagene can provide you with an actionable health plan based on your DNA, lifestyle, and goals. You will learn how your genetics influence your diet, understand which supplements and workouts are best for you, and discover how your genes inform your global ancestry. 

Need further convincing? Trustpilot gives it a stunning five-star rating based on 200+ reviews. 

Vitagene DNA Ancestry Premium Test Kit & Health Plan Voucher retails for $139 and is on sale for $89.99, and will drop down to just $78.97 for Memorial Day. That’s an incredible discount on a potentially life-changing, and certainly fascinating product. 

Prices subject to change.