Learn how to develop your own video games for less than $7 per course

Build your own dream world with ultimate bundle for gamers.

Gaming is having a moment. Many find it to be relaxing — meditative even. The ideal way to blow off some steam, gaming has been an escape of sorts, regardless of what your game of choice is, whether it’s The Last of Us or Animal Crossing. There are more gamers now than ever, which is why it’s also the perfect opportunity to learn how to create your own game.

If you have a brilliant idea for a game and love playing new video games, then you will love The Unity Game Developer Bundle ft. PlayStation Plus: 1-Yr Subscription. The course collection comes packed with hours upon hours of training on mobile and video game building, as well as the best animation development practices and in-depth primer to Unity and Blender. It’s valued at $2,059, but for a limited time, you can grab the whole package for just $69.99, that’s 96 percent less. 

With 10 jam-packed courses, its aim is to help you develop the game of your dreams. There are beginner courses that teach you the fundamental mechanics of creating survival games and RPG, and there are also advanced lectures where you’ll dive into developing games for both Android and iOS devices using both Unity and Blender. To the unfamiliar, Unity is a cross-platform game engine responsible for half the games existing today. Meanwhile, Blender is a 3D content-creation software often used to incorporate art assets into games. It’s where the magic happens, as you can make your games more engaging.

The bundle also includes in-depth courses on creating other types of games, including mass multiplayer titles. Plus, you’ll also get the chance to create clone games of popular titles like Battle Royale, giving you instant material to add to your portfolio should you wish to forge a career in game development. Best of all, the bundle also nets you a 1-year subscription to PlayStation Plus, which lets you enjoy exclusive discounts and deals, a monthly collection of new titles, and an enormous community of gamers.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic, discounted access to one of the top online course bundles for game development. Normally over $2,000, this bundle is on sale and will only cost you $69.99

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