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One of the best things about the tech industry is you don’t necessarily have to invest a lot to earn a lot. Unlike other lucrative careers like medicine and law, there’s no need to invest so much time and money just to secure certifications and gain entry to the field. Tech has such a low barrier to entry that people can dive into it without spending a dime. After all, the internet is swimming with free and affordable resources on programming, digital design, and whatnot.

Still, if you consider yourself a newbie, it’s still quite difficult to train without the guidance of professionals. It’s better to pick up expert-led training, like what the 2021 Ultimate Coding and Web Programmer Bundle provides. For 98 percent off (only $30), you can get 8 courses and over 50 hours of premium content on Java, PHP, C#, and even data science to fast-track your career in web development and design. 

Taught by experts in the field like web developer Liviu Oprisan (4.6/5 star instructor rating), programmer and researcher Mohammad Nauman, and game developer and coding instructor Nik Lever, this jam-packed course package will help you master the coding fundamentals, so you can forge a career in the IT industry right away. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of how websites work, learn the ins and outs of top programming languages, and get to grips with the process of creating websites from the ground up—from the structure all the way down to quality assurance. Expect to learn how to write clean code, automate tasks, and keeping your functions small.

Of course, part of thriving in the tech industry is knowing the latest trends, which is why this bundle also includes an overview of machine learning and data science, as well as a primer to creating WebXR and VR and AR experiences.

Normally $1600, the 2021 Ultimate Coding and Web Programmer Bundle is on sale for only $30. That’s only less than $4 per course.

Prices subject to change.