Score this portable air conditioner to escape from the summer heat, just $299

Thanks to TOSOT, you can officially say goodbye to hot and humid spaces.

Summer is just around the corner, and if you live in a hot or humid climate, having an air conditioning unit is a must. There are a ton of air conditioning configurations out there, and from window units, to air coolers,  choosing the one right for you can be a bit of hot topic. 

Your best bet is portability. Who needs the muss and fuss of installing unit. Think about it. Installing a window unit means time and money. And, what’s more? A stationary unit means you’re cooling one space at a time, waiting for that precious cool air to reach your desired room. A portable air conditioner cools the entire room by converting the warm air, so you can be cooler and more comfortable in the space you choose. One great example is the TOSOT Portable Air Conditioner, which is on sale now for just $299, that’s 14 percent off its list price of $349. 

This well-reviewed and popular portable AC can easily be wheeled from room to room to provide cool air whenever and wherever you need it. It features a wide cooling range so you and your family can enjoy a more relaxing environment from day to night. 

The added dehumidifier is capable of removing 2.3 pints of water from a space per hour—goodbye humidity and hello fresh air. Allergy suffers rejoice—the washable air filter traps large particles such as pollen, dander, and air. With a stellar 4.35 star review on Amazon, you can be assured that this unit is the best in technology and convenience. 

Don’t let the heat of summer put a damper on your lifestyle or the level comfort in your home. The TOSOT Portable Air Conditioner provides the ultimate in cool air and comfort. Enjoy countless cool nights’ of sleep or simply stay relaxed while working from home. 

The TOSOT Portable Air Conditioner retails for $349, and is on sale for $299.99 — a discount of 14 per cent.  

Prices subject to change.