Save money and save the environment one shave at a time

Make your blades last longer than ever with this must-have blade dryer

It’s the same deal every single Father’s Day — tacky tie, shoe polisher, or worse…some gardening tool that will never be used. This Father’s Day, why not give dad something he can really use and that saves him money in the long-run? Your dad shaves every single day of his life, and those special occasions he skips his routine…well, to put it politely, your mom isn’t his biggest fan. 

Shaving is a life-long endeavor — once it begins, it never really ends. Looking polished at the office requires a little facial TLC. Even with a beard, shaving and trimming is a must. Razors are super expensive, and changing blades is almost a daily thing, until now! The ToiletTree BLEW Razor Blade Dryer cuts down on blade changes saving serious money and, you can get one now for $39.99 (reg. $$59) with code WELOVEDAD.

The BLEW Razor Blade Dryer is designed so that the blade you are using today will last you over a year. Your razor blades biggest enemy isn’t shaving, it’s actually water causing oxidation, microscopic pitting, and rust on your blade’s edge. This leads to an uncomfortable shave and the need to change your expensive blade. The obvious and simple solution would be to dry your blade after every shave, but that takes valuable time you just don’t have. 

The BLEW Razor Blade Dry is the answer. Just drop your blade into BLEW and let hot air do the drying for you! The built in UV light is activated during the drying process to keep your blade clean and sanitized after every shave. After a year, your blade will be almost like new. By carefully drying your blade and eliminating oxidation on the edge of your blade you are no longer wasting money on replacement blades. 

Get The ToiletTree BLEW Razor Blade Dryer for $39.99 (reg. $59) with code WELOVEDAD.

Prices subject to change.