Get rid of 99.7 percent of indoor pollutants with this air purifier

The TaoTronics Home Air Purifier runs whisper-quiet and gets rid of almost all pollutants from your home.

When the summer heat hits its highest temperatures, we’ll need to retreat inside. That means breathing in plenty of dust, dander, and pollen that gets into our homes. Breathe easier knowing that the TaoTronics Home Air Purifier is putting in the work to make sure that your air is clean, fresh, and impurity-free. This home air purifier is on sale for only $79 (reg.$89)!

A lot of pollutants are already inside of our homes, and we’re constantly breathing them in all day. Whether it’s from the cookstove, the family dog, or just day-to-day living, we are constantly taking in bad air. For folks with allergies, asthma, or other breathing issues this can be a huge quality of life problem. The TaoTronics Home Air Purifier takes care of that, with a three-stage filtration system that pulls out pollutants from the room and pushes out clean, fresh air.

Strong enough to filter 99.7 percent of impurities in rooms up to 224 square feet, yet quiet enough to only run at 24dB (approximately as loud as rustling leaves), the TaoTronics Home Air Purifier is able to do it’s job without disturbing anyone. A soft night light will let children feel safe and give adults a bedside light if they have to get up early. Sleek and modern, the TaoTronics Home Air Purifier can fit with any décor for any room that you place it in.

NerdTechy gave TaoTronics an 8.8 out of 10 stars for their air purifier and it makes sense, a strong purifier that runs whisper-quiet is exactly what we need when we are working from home. Stop breathing in pollutants and start breathing fresh air today. Improve the quality of your air and your body will thank you. Typically retailing for $89, you can get the TaoTronics Home Air Purifier for just $79 today!

Prices subject to change.