Name your price for this jampacked web design and development bundle

Get over $1500 worth of courses for the price you pick.

It doesn’t take a genius to build a website, and every modern business needs to be in touch digitally. With the plethora of website building services out there, most of which feature a drag and drop function, even an eight-year-old can put together a full-blown website without exerting much effort.

But the thing about template websites is they’re not that eye-catching to begin with, nor are they optimized to be accessed by a wider audience. Web development and design are skills that are likely to be always in demand, and if you want to equip yourself to create websites from scratch, the Pay What You Want: The 2021 Superstar Web Development & Design Bundle has all the learning material you need. And for a limited time, you can access this collection of courses (valued at over $1,500) for the price of your choosing.

The bundle comes packed with eight courses (average instructor ratings range from 4.2-4.6/5 stars), all of which are centered on all things web development and graphic design. You’ll get to take lessons on HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and UX, along with lectures on the server-side of web development. All in all, you’ll receive over 150 hours of hands-on instructional content, so there’s no doubt that you’ll come out as a rockstar developer and designer once you finish the lessons.

All the courses are put together by leading online platform Skill Success, whose slate of instructors includes expert UX/UI designer Aleksandar Cucukovic, Adobe-certified lecturer Daniel Walter Scott, and seasoned web developer Avetis Ghukasyan. In short: you’ll be learning from folks who really know their stuff.

Now, here’s how this deal works. You can name your price for all eight courses, and if you beat the average price, you’ll take home the whole set. If not, you’ll still gain access to two jam-packed courses. So even if you don’t beat the price, at least you’ll still have something great.

Prices are subject to change.