Learn how to create your own cryptocurrency with this course bundle

Learn about Ethereum and blockchain technologies.

Did you know that the oft talked-about cryptocurrency Dogecoin all started as a joke? Created all the way back in 2013, its main purpose is to be a satirical homage to bitcoin and garner a few laughs. But it blew up in the last six months, managing to outpace nearly every other investment. A $1,000 Dogecoin purchase in January of this year would be worth over $120,000 in May, according to some reports. It’s insanity. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are insane and nebulous concepts in general, and it’s hard to grasp them especially if you’re an outsider. 

If you want to learn more about the future of currency and blockchain technology in general so you can capitalize, the Cryptocurrency with Ethereum and Solidity Blockchain Developer Bundle features 35 hours of premium instructional content on blockchain development and Solidity. For a limited time, you can get it on sale for 97 percent off.

You’ll begin by exploring the fundamentals of blockchain, where you’ll understand how blockchains are structured, get to grips with how decentralized apps work, learn how digital ledgers and transactions like money transfers are carried out, and how digital currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin differ from each other. You’ll proceed with creating your own blockchain contracts and distributed applications, and then build a decentralized blockchain app using Solidity.

The courses are taught by acclaimed instructors from Mammoth Interactive, and best selling author/developer John Bura. Earning 4.2/5 star instructor ratings, these know how to effectively educate people on blockchain. 

Perhaps the most exciting part of this course bundle is getting to launch an initial coin offering and build a decentralized exchange on the blockchain. By learning every aspect of the Ethereum blockchain development ecosystem, not only will you get to build complex decentralized apps, but also try your hand at launching your coin. 

Valued at $1,200, the Cryptocurrency with Ethereum & Solidity Blockchain Developer Bundle is on sale for only $29.99 for a limited time. That comes out to less than $5 per course.

Prices subject to change.