This DNA kit on sale will never share your information to third parties

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You can probably live all your life without knowing where you really came from, but where’s the fun in that? In recent years, a lot of people seemed to have heightened interest in their heritage, thanks to the proliferation of DNA testing kits. Averaging at $100 a pop, you can buy an at-home DNA test from your local hypermarket to find out whether or not you’re cousins with Prince Harry, or if you’ve inherited health markers you may not be aware of.

But $100 isn’t chump change and you also have to consider the widespread privacy issues surrounding these mainstream kits. Some of the manufacturers have no problem sharing your information with law enforcement, organizations conducting specific studies, or even advertisers. But if you’re really curious to discover where your ancestors are from without succumbing to a hefty price tag or shady privacy terms, an excellent option is The Complete SelfDecode DNA Test Kit + 1-Year Subscription Bundle. For a limited time, in a deal that feels too good to be true, you can score it on sale for 54-percent off.

Unlike most DNA kits, SelfDecode isn’t solely engineered to pore through your 23 chromosomes. Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot, this easy, at-home, saliva-based DNA kit goes beyond your DNA and provides you with personalized health insights to fill you in on what makes your body tick.

It offers health-focused genetic predisposition scores, uncovering your unique genetic tendencies for hundreds of health issues. You’ll receive customized supplements, diet, and lifestyle recommendations based on the findings, allowing you to achieve your health goals easier.

Aside from the kit, you also get to enjoy a one-year subscription to comprehensive health reports that reveal insights on your mood, blood pressure, gut issues, and more. These reports are built on the latest AI and machine-learning technology and backed by scientific research that is linked within them. You’ll also gain access to additional health tools, like Regimen Builder and Lab Analyzer. Plus, your DNA data is 100-percent protected and never shared with third parties.

While there are a lot of things that feel too good to be true around April Fools’ Day and they turn out to be pranks, this deal is actually real and very much worth taking advantage of. Normally retailing for $196, you can grab The Complete SelfDecode DNA Test Kit + 1-Year Subscription Bundle on sale for only $89.

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