This discounted tool will put an end to your pesky typos

The secret to more precise writing.

Making typos is inevitable. Most of the time, they go unnoticed, or people just brush them off. But other times, they can change the course of history, like when there was a missing hyphen in NASA’s coding that caused a craft to explode, crushing our chances of being closer to Venus in 1962. 

Having typos in your texts to the family group chat is fine, but when they’re peppered in an important email or report? That’s a whole other story and may cost you your job (and dignity). So before you even think about hitting send, make sure to have it checked on ProWritingAid, a grammar checking tool trusted by millions of writers. For a limited time, you can grab a subscription on sale, along with tips on how to write better, thanks to the Award-Winning ProWritingAid Lifetime Subscription Bundle, which retails for $1,899, but is on sale for only $199. 

To those unfamiliar with ProWriting Aid, it’s the only tool that offers world-class grammar and style checking combined with in-depth reports to help you strengthen your writing. It utilizes AI-powered analysis, in-app suggestions, explanations, videos, and even quizzes, allowing you to make lasting improvements with how you string words together. When writing using the app, you’ll receive real-time feedback, style suggestions, and more, so you’re also learning while you’re writing and editing.

The bundle also includes a lifetime membership to ProWritingAid University. It delivers lessons on the practical, systemic approaches to writing, editing, and publishing by way of self-paced courses, writing challenges, and live training events and workshops. You also gain access to a huge video library of past events with content not available anywhere else, including interviews with bestselling authors like Karin Slaughter, Ian Rankin, Lisa Gardner, TJ Klune, Jennifer Hillier, and many more.

This tool works. One wrier who used it wrote, “No regrets! I have trouble finding this time to write, but with the monthly challenges, and the self-paced lessons it hasn’t been hard. Truly worth it! I may even finish a whole new novel that I had no idea I was going to write three weeks ago.”

With this bundle, not only will you get better at writing, but you’ll also have a reliable proofreading tool that will save your butt every time. Normally retailing for $1,899, you can get it for only $199 or a limited time.

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