The Oculamp three-function desk lamp is portable and over 30 percent off

Oculamp uses white light instead of blue light to keep your body clock on track.

Most lamps give you one level of brightness, which isn’t necessarily best for different times of day. Other lamps give you different levels of brightness, but it’s generally with the same blue light that isn’t always the easiest on the eyes.

Standing out from the rest, this portable Oculamp desk lamp, which is available for just $119.99 (reg. $175), gives you a variety of attractive lights for throughout the day and night.

Oculamps earn rave reviews on the Ocushield website, and this one comes with three settings — not based on brightness, but on time of the day. It keeps your body clock in tune with the actual position of the earth and hour, allowing you to wind down as bedtime approaches.

The lamp offers a cool white function, which emits super bright light for when you want your space at its brightest. The next level is neutral white, which is a calmer white that’s easier on your eyes and better when you will have long periods of work. Finally, there is a warm white function, a night mode that allows you and your eyes to wind down.

This lamp is not only good for your eyes, but is foldable so you can move it from room to room. Maybe you need it at your desk for hours of work, but when you just want to read or play on your tablet later in the day, you can fold the lamp up and move it to a nightstand.

And you don’t have to find an available outlet to decide where to place it. This lamp works off a rechargeable battery, able to run for up to 30 hours on a single charge. I comes with a USB charging cable, making it easy to fully charge your lamp in just 2.5 hours when you’re not using it.

This unique deal on a multi-function, attractive lamp could also prompt you to update the style of your home or office. The silver aluminum alloy and silicone look gives a modern feel to any place you put it.

Normally priced at $175, you can get this three-function Oculamp desk lamp for a limited time for just $119.99, a savings of 31 percent.

Prices subject to change