Score a better deal than with Amazon on this must-have tracker

Nothing is ever really lost when you have this mini tracker.

There is misplacing things and then there is losing things. Really the latter is just a more serious form of the former. Imagine a world where you misplace something and….voila, you simply use your smartphone to find your most prized misplaced possession: be it keys, wallet, glasses…..well, anything really. 

You can officially say goodbye to those chaotic mornings rushing from room to room trying to find what you’re looking for. The mid-morning dash is bad enough without having to worry about where you left something. That’s why you need to snatch up this handy and ever so compact mini tracker. 

What’s more? Well, for starters it’s a far better price than you’ll find on Amazon, and there’s not one, not two, but three trackers so you can keep track of your valuables, anytime and anywhere. The Nut Mini: 3-Pack lets you easily track down items and prevents things from getting lost in the first place.

You can attach this tracker to any item you want to keep tabs on, and with its smart anti-loss feature and bidirectional alert, you can track your lost items using your smartphone. The best thing of it all is that your Nut Mini Tracker will notify you when you leave your phone behind, ensuring that you will never be scrambling over a misplaced valuable again. If you consider how valuable time is, and then imagine all of the time you’ll save from looking for silly little necessities around your house — this deal on the Nut Mini Tracker is a no-brainer. 

Need further convincing? In the words of one satisfied customer, “I am highly pleased with the product” and so will you be. With an average 4-star rating, you know this is a great gadget. 

The Nut Mini Tracker: 3-Pack is $27.99 (reg. $60), a discount of 53 per cent.   

Prices subject to change.