Reach new heights with expert drone technology for nearly half off

This mini, unmanned aircraft gives you a ton of bang for your buck.

Drones have really taken off — ermm on the nose, we know, but it’s true! Whether you think of these futuristic pieces of tech as miniature pilotless aircrafts, unmanned aerial vehicles, or flying mini robots — drones have been around for nearly two decades, and they aren’t going anywhere. 

To get in on the fun, check out the Ninja Dragon Vortex 9 RC Quadcopter Drone with 4K HD Camera for 46 percent off its list price

From manning sensitive military boundaries, to giving hobbyists new avenues for exploring the world, drone technology has grown exponentially in the past few years. Now, cutting-edge drones are available for the enjoyment and innovation of the masses. However, not all recreational drones are alike. 

The Ninja Dragon Vortex 9 RC Quadcopter Drone with 4K HD Camera has all the bells and whistles every drone aficionado covets. From a sharp 4K HD camera, to altitude hold mode, to real-time FVP — this little guy doesn’t disappoint. Simply connect the Ninja Dragon Vortex 9 RC Quadcopter Drone to your smartphone and experience the unforgettable. 

With its compatible WIFI app, you can view real-time images and not miss out any of the action. This camera drone quadcopter comes with an altitude hold mode function that stabilizes flight and makes remote flying a breeze. What’s more? The headless mode eliminates any need to adjust the position of the mini aircraft before flying, and the Vortex 9 pocket drone can automatically finds its way home. A simple click of the button and your newest technological acquisition will return to its original starting point. 

If you’re looking for a drone that has the latest technology with high-quality features for a spectacular price, Ninja Dragon Vortex 9 RC Quadcopter is the drone for you. This next generation mini unmanned aircraft is unlike any other gift you’ll find on sale out there — a singular piece of equipment with its own set of style, flair and potential. 

The Ninja Dragon Vortex 9 RC Quadcopter Drone retails for $149 and is on sale for $79.99, a discount of 46 percent

Prices subject to change.