Break into the IT field with the help of this expert-led course bundle

Receive over 40 hours of training on PHP, MySQL, GitHub, Heroku, Blazor, .NET, and more.

Enter the tech industry, they said. You will make more money than you can imagine, they said. You will engineer cool products, they said. While it’s true that a career in IT can be lucrative and interesting, the industry is also large and incredibly nuanced. So, it can be difficult to find your entry point. 

The best thing about IT is that, unlike other industries, it offers a wealth of low-cost training opportunities. You don’t need a four-year degree to succeed like in fields of engineering or medicine. With IT, there are more accessible points of entry, and you don’t need to shell out too much cash to find them. In fact, you can start with the Modern Web Development & MySQL Programming Bundle, which is currently on sale for only $20.

Comprised of five courses taught by Trevoir Williams, an experienced software engineer and part-time lecturer with a 4.5 out of 5 instructor rating, this e-learning package is packed with content on the top programming languages to help you kickstart your career in IT.

You’ll get an in-depth understanding of PHP programming and MySQL in order to create dynamic web pages, get to grips with Blazor to build modern web applications, and receive fundamental SQL Server training, and that will be enough to get you started as a database developer or junior database administrator.

In addition to all these, you’ll also explore C#, the most versatile programming language in .NET Framework and .NET Core. You’ll learn its syntax and advanced functions, so you can utilize it to build desktop applications. You can also expect to learn .NET Core 5 and create a maintainable web API.

If bought separately, the courses in this bundle would set you back $1,000, but for a limited time, you can get the set on sale for $20. That’s only $4 per course.

Prices subject to change.