Enjoy a safer and more efficient way to charge your phone for only $29.99

Simple and reliable power, time and again.

We can’t imagine a life without our trusted smartphones, but without an adequate charge they are rendered simply useless. The evolution of smartphones has seen them get bigger and glassier, and this glassier trend has a real purpose. Glass lets energy pass through the phone so that it can be charged wirelessly. This technology relies on magnetic induction, which basically means that it allows an electrical current to generate a magnetic field to create a voltage that powers a phone without messy cables or cords. 

Maybe you’ve been considering an upgrade to a wireless charger? Well then, now that you know your phone was built for wirelessly charging you will be happy to note that we’ve got an affordable and sleek looking unit that will do the job with ease. The MAGICQPAD Ultra Slim Wireless Charging Pad features a super high-tech design that won’t clutter your desk and will reliably charge your phone simply by placing it down on top of the pad. No more scrambling for cables or untangling unsightly cords.

Bring your phone-charging game into the future, and make your life easier. Say goodbye to the days of trying to jam a broken charging cord into a lint-stuffed phone. 

MAGIQPAD combines a sleek, modern design with a high-power coil to wirelessly charge any of your Qi devices. It has smart output optimized max wireless power for all Qi devices. Wirelessly charge your iPhone, AirPods, and more! It’s the perfect accessory for people who would like a clean, uncluttered workspace when they’re charging their device. It will make any workspace instantly more modern and inviting, and our everyday need to be constantly charged and connected far easier and less stressful to maintain. 

The MAGICQPAD Ultra Slim Wireless Charging Pad is $29.99, (reg. $49), a discount of 40 percent.

Prices subject to change.