Fancy learning a new language? Here’s how to do it

Choose your course. Choose our level. Choose your class.

The world is a small place and those who are bilingual or, even multilingual, get around a lot easier than everyone else. If you look to some of the top global companies, you’ll notice that the most successful often speak more than one language. Not only is it to your advantage to speak another language to get you where you want to go, but it will also give you A-list access to the highest-paid gigs available, which you can customize to meet your needs

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Think about it, more than half the world’s population speaks at least two languages. Many countries have more than one official language, so it’s fair to say, the more languages you speak, the more you’ll understand what’s going on around you. In today’s global world, making friends and influencing people means speaking different languages.

With the right tools, learning a language can be easy. This isn’t high school French all over again, in fact, Lingoda Live Language Courses: 1-Month Subscription means you can learn French or Spanish the way that works for you. Simply choose your course, choose your level, and choose your class — et voila — learning can commence. 

What’s more? Lingoda revolutionizes language learning to empower even the busiest people to master a language and unlock their potential – anytime, anywhere. You will learn the French or Spanish language when you want to — day or night, weekend or weekday. Classes are available 24/7 to fit your schedule! 

These group classes are usually 60 minutes long and are taught by 1,000+ certified, native-speaking teachers. With at least two years of professional teaching experience, Lingoda teachers will guide you on a customized language learning journey and help you to speak confidently on your path to fluency.

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