Live your dreams of becoming a DJ superstar with this STEM kit

Create your very own mixtable.

The act of making music is cool in and of itself. Coming up with beats to create a head-bopping track is an impressive skill to have. But you know what’s infinitely cooler? Having the skills to not only make beats, but to put together an actual mixtable that makes song production possible in the first place.

Ideal for those who have hopes of becoming a DJ superstar, Jay-D:Build & Code Your Own DJ Mixtable teaches you all about microcomputers, electronics, digital sound production, custom coding, and a slew of other cool STEM things. Think of it as your STEM starter kit, but unlike others, something useful will come out of it.

Aside from making you one step closer to becoming a DJ superstar, Jay-D will also turn you into a junior engineer. It has all the basic functions of a professional mixtable, including two simultaneous playback slots, BPM control, sound equalizers and effects, a display, a class-D amplifier, two 5W speakers, and 144 individually controllable LEDs on board. While putting the components together, you’ll get to learn what sound waves are and how they can be produced using various electronic parts. You’ll also get the chance to code awesome light shows and custom sound effects. You don’t even have to worry about putting the pieces together, as there is an accompanying guide to help you through it all.

Check it out:

Once you have your mixtable, you can then start playing DJ. Play multiple music files simultaneously, fade between them, control the BPM of the songs being played, and add various equalizers to the tracks being played. And while there royalty-free music available, you can go ahead and load new songs on the included SD card. You can do all the cool things DJ do  —just don’t forget to put them all on SoundCloud, of course.

Become the next DJ superstar with the Jay-D: Build & Code Your Own DJ Mixtable, which you can get for $119.95.

Prices subject to change.