This is the best tool for keeping your fridge fresh and eliminating harmful bacteria for under $100

Upgrade that box of baking soda for a smart fridge deodorizer that sterilizes and keeps food fresh longer.

If you had to show a friend the current state of your fridge, would it exhibit leftovers far out of date, wilted greens well past edible, and empty cream cheese containers ready for the trash bin? If you’ve answered yes to any of the following, it’s time to consider a smart fridge deodorizer. 

It’s hard to believe that something as simple as a fridge deodorizer keeps food fresh longer, sterilizes a fridge environment, and eliminates up to 96.2 per cent of bacteria. Well, not all fridge deodorizers do, but this one sure does. The Gotek Smart Fridge Deodorizer is like no other deodorizer, and it’s on sale right now for just $96.99, that’s 19 percent off the list price. 

This well-reviewed and popular fridge product uses ozone and negative ion dual modes to kill bacteria and provide a healthy environment for food storage and preservation. This powerful and effective deodorizer is loads more efficient than the traditional baking soda box, and it features two modes of freshness — normal and strong. 

A healthier lifestyle begins with a fresher fridge. The Gotek Smart Fridge Deodorizer promises to keep things sanitized and give your veggies a longer shelf life, but most importantly it speeds up the degradation of potential pesticide residue. Yup, that means it keeps you healthier and decreases your family’s exposure to nasty pesticides.

When browsing products on sale, what priorities are more important than the health of your family, and the quality of your food? 

With an ozone concentration less than 0.018 ppm, the Gotek Smart Fridge Deodorizer is safe for the environment and has zero nitrogen oxide residue. And what’s more? This 2,600mAh deodorizer is rechargeable and provides up to 90 consecutive days of working time. 

The Gotek Smart Fridge Deodorizer retails for $119 and is on sale for $96.99, a discount of 19 per cent

Prices subject to change.