This canopy tent is what you need for outdoor activities this Summer

Make shade for yourself wherever you go.

Summer is kicking into high gear and that means more time spent outdoors. If your plans involve beach days, picnics, camping, and other activities that will have you out in the sun, the Family Beach Sun Shade Canopy Tent is the perfect item to take with you to beat the heat. And for a limited time, it’s on sale for $175.99, pricing that is better than what you’ll find on Amazon.

You may love digging your toes into the sand and listening to waves crash, but a day at the beach can also mean too much exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. With this canopy tent, you’ll be able to stay shaded and cool thanks to its UPF50 sun protection rating, meaning it can screen out 98 percent of direct UV sunlight. With extra-lightweight aluminum poles, it’s easy to set up and the spacious 10-foot by 9-foot dimensions fit 6 to 7 adults underneath.

The tent features two attachable towel hooks that you could also hang clothes or a small speaker from. Use the mini shovel to dig into the sand, utilize the four sandbag anchors to hold the corners down, and get even better stability with the pole anchor screws. The tent pegs can be used in hard ground if you’re at a park, campground, or somewhere else without sand. Pack everything into the included waterproof carry bag and you’ll have no trouble bringing it to your favorite spot.

Enjoy time with your family and friends while getting fresh air with this product that has earned 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Paired with a new cooler bag, it’s exactly what you need for a hot summer day. Along with the blue color, it also comes in stylish shades of grey, turquoise, red, purple, pink, black, and orange.

Don’t spend the summer with a sunburn and instead keep yourself in the shade. Pick up this canopy tent today at a limited-time price of $175.99, which is cheaper than can be found on Amazon.

Prices subject to change.