Save big on your energy bill with this portable a/c unit, on sale for Memorial Day

Create your own miniature climate at home and at work.

It’s great to have the comfort and relief of air conditioning in your home or workspace over the hot summer months. There’s simply nothing like stepping in from the hot and humid outdoors into a cool and refreshing room. Unfortunately, traditional air conditioning units can wreak havoc on your energy bill. Maybe it’s time to consider a portable AC unit? 

The EvaSMART 2: Smart Personal Air Conditioner typically retails for $269, and will drop down to just $161.97 as a part of a special Memorial Day price drop. Don’t miss out as this special rate will only last for one week. 

A convenient portable air conditioner unit is a great cooling option for anyone looking to stay cool and save some serious dough. It’s important to note that there is a huge difference between an a/c window unit and a portable unit. For starters, a portable a/c unit lets you pick and choose which room you want to cool, while stationary units work from one area taking time and precious energy to move fresh air throughout your home. 

Having earned 4.5/5 stars from 60 verified purchasers, The EvaSmart 2: Smart Personal Air Conditioner is an intelligent portable air conditioner that spreads cool air the same way nature does. Combining the functionality of a humidifier and air conditioner into a single device, the EvaSMART 2 uses natural evaporative cooling to lower the temperature around you. It filters out dust particles to keep your air healthy and can be operated via the touch pad, mobile app, or simply your voice. 

Need further convincing? EvaSmart 2 works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other smart home platforms, and it consumes a mere 12.5 W of power, making it 10 times more efficient than other portable A/Cs and 10-20 times more effective than traditional split systems.

The EvaSmart 2: Smart Personal Air Conditioner is on sale for $161.97 (reg. $269) as a part of a special Memorial Day price drop. Snap up this portable cooling unit at this special rate, and hurry before it’s too late! 

Prices subject to change.