Your stack of books and everyday coffee mugs are probably tired of being used as makeshift stands for your laptop and phone at this point. Consider investing in the right stand, and you’ll thank yourself later. Phone and tablet stands offer a new range of functionality to your mobile devices, turning them into computers and easy-to-read books, making your life so much easier

Meanwhile, laptop stands elevate your screen to eye level, resulting in a more ergonomic workspace that’s kind to your neck and back. No more slouching and hunching all day—they can help improve your posture as you fire off some emails.

Phone, tablet, and laptop stands rise to the occasion—literally. Here are 10 options on sale:

Lift Sit-to-Stand Desk Accessory

10 desk accessories to improve your at-home workspace on sale

Get off your butt throughout the workday—in style. The Lift is designed with gorgeous light bamboo, has built-in shelves for all your accessories, and is equipped with a dry erase board, mousepad, cup holder, and side clips to keep your wires organized. Just place it atop your existing desk, and you’re good to go. Usually retailing for $399, The Lift is on sale for $329.99.

Laptop Stand with USB Ports

10 desk accessories to improve your at-home workspace on sale

Transform your desk into a power hub with this stand that’s equipped with multiple USB ports. Ideal for laptops and desktops, this sleek and sturdy stand can simultaneously juice up 4 USB-powered devices, ridding your workspace of clutter. No more reaching and reshuffling of cords—you can charge all your essentials from the convenience of your desk. Grab it on sale for $29.99—40 percent off the usual cost of $49.

Mount-It! Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter

A solution to your all-day slouching, this sit-stand desk converter will change the way you work. Simply place it on top of your desk, and you can enjoy working from either a sitting or standing position with its adjustable design that can be tweaked in seconds. The tabletop is spacious enough for two large monitors and other devices such as laptops and tablets. Formerly $199, you can grab it on sale for $182.99.

Foldable Flat Metal Laptop Stand

10 desk accessories to improve your at-home workspace on sale

With 6 adjustable handles, this laptop stand delivers an optimum viewing experience. You can easily adjust it to get your ideal viewing angle, and its built-in soft pads protect your devices from scratching. It also folds flat for easy storage and transportation. It typically retails for $24, but you can get it on sale today for $21.99.

U-Rise Foldable Aluminum Desktop Phone Stand

10 desk accessories to improve your at-home workspace on sale

With two adjustable hinges, this stand keeps your phone in an upright position and provides the perfect viewing angle. The anti-scratch rubber cushions protect your device without scratching or damaging it, and its foldable design makes transport a breeze. It usually goes for $39, but you can snag it on sale for $14.99.

Aduro Elevate Phone & Tablet Holder Stand

10 desk accessories to improve your at-home workspace on sale

Named Amazon’s Choice with 4.5 out of 5 stars, this holder stand features an ergonomic, adjustable design that allows you to raise your phone screen to eye level for a comfortable viewing angle. Compatible with all smartphones and tablets, it also features an anti-slip function that delivers maximum protection for your device from any scratches and slides. Use it for easier for gaming, TikTok, FaceTime, video calls or meetings, and a lot more. Typically $39, it’s on sale for $11.99.

JUMBO DeskStand Adjustable Standing Desk

The JUMBO DeskStand was designed with a healthy work lifestyle in mind, helping reduce neck tension, improve posture, and relieve back pain. With a 10-slot ladder unit, adjusting the height is easy, and you can adapt to a sitting position by lowering the bottom shelf. The top shelf is roomy enough for two 21.5″ screens or laptops, and the flat-pack design is perfect for environmentally friendly transport and hassle-free storage. Normally $249, you can get it on sale for $169.99.

5-in-1 MagSafe Wireless & Wired Charging Station

10 desk accessories to improve your at-home workspace on sale

Incredibly multifunctional, this compact yet powerful charging station can refuel your favorite gadgets simultaneously and doubles as a bedside lamp. It has 3 wireless charging spots, along with a USB-A port. When placed on your bedside table, you automatically have a lamp with 3 dimmable brightness levels, which you can adjust via touch. Normally $79, you can grab it on sale for $54.95.

KEKO PHONE Mobile Phone Stand

Whether you want to watch videos, view photos, or FaceTime, this stand can help you do it all hands-free. It adapts to your phone easily and opens like scissors, and is held in place by an adjustable multi-notch lock system. You can adjust your phone at optimal angles—viewing, writing, landscape, or portrait—thanks to its various positions. Grab it on sale for $16.99—15 percent off the usual $19.

KEKO Tablet Stand

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this tablet stand lets you watch videos, view photos, FaceTime, and more hands-free. Foldable, light, and mobile, it adapts to your tablet instantly. Its invisible magnets hold it closed, and when fully opened, the special mechanism locks the tablet in position. With 4 different positions, you can adjust your device at optimal angles—viewing, writing, landscape, or portrait. Normally $24, you can grab it on sale for $18.99.

Prices subject to change.