This decentralized VPN hardware protects you online for life

The founder of Ethereum just invested in Deeper Network—so should you.

For worry-free browsing on the internet, most people use a VPN. It’s been proven effective in covering your tracks whenever you go online, granting you total internet freedom. Many users opt to go for their choice of VPN service and pay hefty monthly fees. And while there’s nothing wrong with securing a subscription, there’s a more economical—and even more secure—option: the Deeper Connect Nano ($299).

This device, which garnered almost $3 million in funding on Indiegogo, is touted as the world’s first decentralized VPN and firewall. You connect it to either your computer or your router, and it will function as client and server, with your IP address automatically changing based on routing rules. Serverless and distributed, your user data will never be logged, leaked, hacked, or even subpoenaed. Its 7-layer firewall secures your entire home and business network. It even blocks ads and trackers, monitors web traffic, and filters NSFW and NSFC on all internet devices.

The Deeper Connect Nano is the next-generation iteration of Deeper Connect Mini with the same great features as the Mini, but in a more portable package. This decentralized VPN and firewall solution works even without a subscription. You only have to pay once, and you’re good to enjoy the service forever. It blocks ads, trackers while monitoring web traffic, and a whole lot more. It even filters NSFW and NSFC on all internet devices.

With an intuitive dashboard UI, you can visualize all online activities happening within your network. There’s also an option to impose parental control to ensure that your kids are not exposed to any adult or violent content. You can also rest assured that you’ll enjoy high-speed internet connection 24/7, as it lets you browse and stream online without bottlenecks.

The best part is you get to enjoy all these benefits for life with only a one-time fee. It works even without a subscription. You just have to pay $299. The co-founder of Ethereum just invested in Deeper Network—so should you.

Prices subject to change.