Take to the skies with powerful drone technology

Reach new heights and score breathtaking pics.

Drones have become the most sought-after hobbyist technology out there! No surprise really. They are super fun to use, and a great way to score some super cool photos to upload to your social media accounts. These miniature pilotless aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles can provide hours of entertainment and turn you into an expert flyer. 

The Copernicus Mini Drone is on sale for $74.95 (reg. $90), a discount of 17 percent. 

From manning sensitive military boundaries to giving hobbyists a whole new way of exploring the world, drone technology has grown exponentially in the past few years. Now, cutting-edge drone technology is available for the masses. However, not all recreational drones need to apply. Some drones are simply too costly and ineffective, others just don’t have the flight control to ensure safe take-offs and landings, but we’ve got one that will take you to new heights. 

The Copernicus Mini Drone with 4K HD Camera has all the bells and whistles every drone enthusiast wants and needs. With different filters and beauty functions, this drone brings you a better photography experience. Watch images in real-time and control the device’s variety of functions using its companion app, which is very easy and convenient to operate. 

Its air pressure fixed altitude hover can accurately lock altitude and flight position, making the drone stable. By turning the gravity sensor function in the app, you can control the flight without shaking. It comes with a 360° flight and 120° wide-angle shooting.

If you’re looking for a drone that has the latest technology with high-quality features for a great price, the Copernicus Mini Drone is the drone for you. Take a stable spin around the world with this next generation mini unmanned aircraft. 

The Copernicus Mini Drone retails for $90 and is on sale for $74.95, a discount of 17 percent. 

Prices subject to change.