Driving with coyote biologists on Continental TerrainContact A/T tires

Biologists Chris Mowry and Larry Wilson rumble through urban, rural, and forest terrains all over Georgia collecting data for the Atlanta Coyote Project. In this video they’re outfitted with Continental TerrainContact A/T tires as they search dens for coyotes and explain how changes in our environment have brought humans and coyotes closer together than ever before. 

Continental TerrainContact A/T tire in profile 


The tire Chris and Larry are tracking coyotes on is the Continental TerrainContact™ A/T, a premium all-terrain, all-season tire designed for crossovers, SUVs, and light-trucks. With the durability to conquer dirt, gravel, and grass, it features TractionPlus Technology, which provides improved traction and durability, better grip on wet roads, and quiet road noise.