Train for your CompTIA certification exams with this affordable bundle

Set your dreams of becoming an IT professional in motion.

We live in an increasingly tech-dependent world, and more and more people who are eyeing career changes, or looking to get going in a blossoming field, are turning to IT each day. To get your feet wet in an industry that feels intimidatingly laden with acronyms, code words, and which requires advanced skillsets from even entry-level employees — it’s important to begin with important certifications such as the CompTIA. 

The 2021 CompTIA Master Certification Training Bundle is on sale for just $49.99. What will you get for this accessible investment? 11 courses and over 1,000 lessons, across which there are over 200 hours of content curated to help you build your professional IT skills with focuses on cybersecurity, Linux, Cloud, PenTest, and more. With this deal, you’ll get each course for roughly $4.50. 

There are a lot of digital courses out there, and we’re fans of them, but there is something to be said about the direct focus on IT featured across this bundle. After going through it, you’ll be able to do things like recommending and implementing appropriate security systems in an enterprise environment. You’ll also be prepared to ace the highest level security certification offered by CompTIA. 

The 2021 CompTIA Master Certification Training Bundle courses are lead by ITU Online Training, which provides proven, affordable online IT training. Since 2012, this source of valuable information and curated educational materials has provided 100% online, on-demand IT training content to over 650K students, over 200 companies, and over 50 public entities. ITU Online Training has won a ton of awards including industry favorites at the Best in Biz Awards, and the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. 

Don’t wait any longer to begin pursuing your dreams of being a successful IT professional. 200 hours may sound like a lot, but it is a short window considering the amount of valuable information you can take in throughout it.

You can grab all 11 courses in The 2021 CompTIA Master Certification Training Bundle today for just $49.99.

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