Learn Python on your own time and save thousands with this deal

This Python learning bundle gets you up to speed without emptying your wallet.

The job market is in major flux and there’s never been a better time to trot out some new skills as you start looking for a job that really fits your post-pandemic ideals. If you’ve been dancing around learning to code, now is the time to seize the opportunity with the Complete 2021 Python Expert Super Bundle—12 coding courses discounted to just $59.99.

For the average professional looking to pick up some valuable skills in their downtime, this Python bundle lets them learn at their own pace as they move through 12 courses and 264 individual lessons. The python programming language is something anyone can learn with enough time. For those looking to beef up skills for software development and non-web development, Python opens new doors.

Get started with “Introduction to Programming Using Python.” In almost 13 hours and 38 lessons, you’ll get a breakdown of all the basic skills needed for Python. such as basic data types, list structures, and adding logic to programs.

Narrow your focus in “Python for Security” when you learn how to security test with Python. Acquire skills such as making socket connections, brute force password cracking, and banner grabbing. Bring the ability to secure programs and web information to your next job thanks to your Python security skills.

All courses are presented, authored, and provided by ITProTV, an online IT training and certification organization that brings simple, diverse IT courses to an online audience. Bundle courses have a 4.4/5 star rating from previous students. 

Enjoy the same benefits as those previous students when you start the Complete 2021 Python Expert Super Bundle as well as today’s price: the bundle is currently 98 percent off. With a value of $3,540 for all `12 courses purchased individually, eager aspiring coders can snatch up this bundle for just $59.99. Improve your coding skills and get ready to handle the new normal in the job market when you learn Python on your own time for this deeply discounted price.

Prices subject to change.