Train to be an in-demand cloud engineer at less than $4 per course

Learn all about Amazon's big moneymaker.

When Jeff Bezos stepped down as Amazon’s chief, he showed how Amazon is a cloud company now. While it’s primarily known for its e-commerce platform — where millions of people show for goods — its main moneymaker is Amazon Web Services or AWS, which offers cloud computing and storage services to companies, individuals, and governments. The likes of Netflix, Twitch, Facebook, and Disney all use AWS to function.

With its widespread adoption and continued rapid growth, the demand for cloud engineers is also rising. You can capitalize on that demand with the 2021 Complete AWS DevOps Engineer Certification Bundle, which features courses on the AWS database, cloud automation, Lambda, and more, so you can hone your skills and ace AWS DevOps engineer certification exams. For a limited time, you can grab it on sale for $40.04 — that’s 98 percent less than the total value of the bundle, which is $2,200. 

Comprised of 11 premium courses, this instructional package guides you through the ins and outs of AWS. You’ll understand the purpose of each AWS Database service, learn all the aspects of databases including design, migration, and deployment. You’ll also build pipelines on Amazon’s Cloud infrastructure using AWS CodePipeline, and get to grips with the AWS Management Console. Students can discover how to scale and load balance a web application to many hosts, explore the architecture of server-less frameworks, and how server-less backends are built and deployed. Another major sell, you will go through the process of conceptualizing and designing CI/CD pipelines for your own web applications.

There are also courses on Microsoft Azure, which is basically Microsoft’s version of the AWS. You can expect to learn how to automate stop, start, resize of virtual machines’ Azure security core services and capabilities, and gain a clear understanding of Azure storage concepts with real-world scenarios.

All strong examples of discounted remote-education courses, this AWS bundle features proven educational standards. One favorite is taught by an award-winning instructor Vijay Saini, who instructs Mastering Cloud Automation Using Azure PowerShell & DevOps, and has earned a 4.35/5 instructor rating. 

By the time you finish all courses, you’ll have acquired all sorts of important and mandatory in-demand cloud computing skills that you can use to forge a career in cloud engineering. Normally $2,200 the course bundle is now on sale for $40.04 or under $4 per course.

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