If you stay up to date on the latest cannabinoid news, then you probably know that delta 8 THC is all the rage right now. It is a rapidly growing industry bringing out tons of cool products, innovation in tech, and very happy customers.

If you are unfamiliar, delta 8 THC (otherwise known as delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol) is a cannabinoid that is hemp-derived. It can give off similar, but more toned-down effects as delta 9 THC. Unless you live in a state where marijuana is legal, you cannot purchase delta 9 THC. It is illegal federally and in most states. So delta 8 may be a great alternative for those who want a light high.

On delta 8 you can feel a sense of euphoria and relaxation. It has less potency than delta 9 THC, so one may take advantage of all the benefits, with a smaller risk of paranoia or anxiety.

With this new market, there are tons of different products available to any person who wants to try out delta 8. Do you want to try to smoke it? Test out a disposable vape or a pen with a flavored cartridge.

Are you not interested in smoking at all? That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying delta 8 THC because there are many edibles and tinctures available. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get into some more details about delta 8 and what the best online companies are right now.

Best Online D8 Companies

  1. Everest
  2. 3Chi
  3. Area 52
  4. Koi CBD
  5. MoonWlkr
  6. Delta Effex
  7. Bearly Legal
  8. Snapdragon Hemp
  9. Diamond CBD
  10. Finest Labs

Will Delta 8 become illegal?

Unlike delta 9 THC, which is illegal federally, Delta 8 THC is in a legal gray area. The Farm Bill of 2018 officially made the distinction between hemp and other cannabis plants. It has allowed the cultivation of hemp and the sale of hemp-derived products with less than 0.3% delta 9 THC. Anything more and it will become illegal under federal law.

Although the ruling has technically made delta 8 legal federally, many states have weighed in and outlawed it completely. If you currently live in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, or Utah, you cannot purchase any delta 8 products.

Now, will it become illegal? We cannot say when or if delta 8 will become illegal in any state or federally. Each state can make a decision on how they would like to proceed, and the federal government can make provisions to the Farm Bill. At the moment, if you do live in any of the states mentioned before, you can buy delta 8. 

Can I buy Delta 8 carts online?

If you live in a state where delta 8 is legal, you can buy carts, vapes, gummies, other edibles, and flowers online.

There are quite a few sketchy delta 8 stores out there. Thankfully, we break down how you should judge each store and even give 10 recommendations for safe and quality products.

Can you pass a drug test with Delta-8?

There is not enough research or studies about delta 8 to give a definitive answer. It is possible that one can fail a drug test after consuming delta 8 THC products. This is because the drug test is searching for delta 9 THC metabolites. It is possible that in the search for delta 9 THC, the metabolites from delta 8 can trigger it and turn up positive.

We don’t advise taking anything with delta 8 if you need to pass a drug test. 

What to look for in a Delta 8 THC Brand

Like we said before, delta 8 is a booming sector of cannabinoids right now. With great demand and many eager companies looking to supply, you’ll see a few that like to cut corners. It’s very important to only buy from brands that you can trust and that want to produce quality products.

Since this is a relatively new industry, there are many people who may not know all about delta 8. It can even be confusing to lots of people. The internet is filled with so much information about it, items that contain it, and how to use it. This is why we decided to simplify it all and help others find the right delta 8 company that suits them.

Our criteria for what makes a delta 8 brand good is the following:

  • Reputation
  • 3rd party lab testing
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Brand policies and programs

We like to look at each company as a whole and rank them based on how reputable they are, if they are transparent, and if they don’t cut corners with their products.


With reputation, we like to scope out what each brand is known for, and their reviews. Some brands have been known to falsify lab reports (which we will get to in a second), and others have tons of terrible reviews regarding customer service.

How other people perceive a delta 8 brand is very important. If tons of people are not recommending a product, why would you want to try it?

It’s important to note that you should not go with websites that make claims with any disclaimers. All delta 8 companies should mention that their products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disorder or disease.

This list only includes brands that we trust and know others trust as well.

Independent Lab Test Results

Any brand that is transparent will include PDFs, documents, etc of their third-party lab results. It is almost standard to have these posted to be considered a trustworthy brand.

As a first-time user, it can be difficult to understand what you need to look for. Basically, when you check the reports you should see how potent the delta 8 is, and if there are any contaminants. During the synthesis process of the delta 8, there are harmful chemicals used. They are supposed to be removed once finished, but not all brands do this.

If the company only has potency tests on their website, then skip them and move on to the next one.

Quality of All Ingredients

Everything else that goes into each delta 8 THC product matters. We want to make sure that nothing low-quality or even bad is added after the extraction process.

It’s almost important to us that there are options for those with dietary restrictions. People who follow plant-based diets or are vegan should be able to enjoy delta 8 too, which is why we made sure to pick brands that cater to them.

Brand Policies

Lastly, the company’s policies are important as well. It speaks for the company’s culture and proves if they care enough about their customers. If there is no contact information to ask questions or programs that benefit buyers, then they won’t be featured on this list.

For every bad company out there, there is a good one.  And in the delta 8 industry, there are quite a few great companies. We had to take into account their policies to distinguish which ones we felt were the most customer-oriented.

#1. Everest

Buy Delta 8 THC: 10 best online D8 companies

We believe Everest knocks it out of the park when it comes to all aspects of what makes a delta 8 company great. They are newer in the industry, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t already a fan favorite. Everest has been featured in Men’s Journal, Seattle Weekly, and many other reputable news sources. They are taking on delta 8 by storm.

What really sets Everest apart is its attention to detail. They double test their products through a third-party lab to have verified results of the best potency and purity. They truly believe in only offering their best and have the evidence to prove it.

Each ingredient is carefully selected, which has allowed them to craft products that are inclusive of many different diets. For example, Everest’s gummies are vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free. Each gummy contains 20mg of delta 8 THC, which we feel is a great starting point for beginners. Even seasoned delta 8 users can have a great clear and light high. 

Brand Highlights

  • Double tests for their delta 8 THC products
  • Uses all organic, pesticide, and GMO-free hemp
  • Approaches their brand in a sustainable fashion
  • Customizable subscribe and save program
  • Free shipping on every order

We had to mention the double testing again because of how important we think it is. With some companies being hesitant to post any lab tests, Everest truly sets the standard for transparency.

As for other ingredients, Everest doesn’t compromise on what’s the best way to make their delta 8 THC products. In fact, for their delicious blue raspberry gummies, Everest uses less than 10 ingredients. No fillers, extra additives, or anything else that’s unnecessary. They only deliver premium delta 8 items.

Not only does Everest only cultivate hemp organically, but they also do it sustainably too. From the farms to the shipments, everything is carefully thought out to understand their environmental impact with each action.

As for how their policies and programs, Everest puts the buyer first. They offer free delivery on every order, no matter the amount. This is very rare in the delta 8 scene and very appreciated by all customers.

They also offer a subscription service that is easily customized to your needs. You can choose the frequency, skip months, or even stop at any time. When you sign up, you are eligible to receive 20% off retail prices. And for long-term subscribers, they will be offered even more bonuses.

Our only gripe would be that currently, they are a bit limited on their delta 8 products. But that does go to show that Everest takes their time to perfect each item before it is market-ready.

Join in on all the delta 8 fun and take a breath of fresh air with Everest.

#2. 3Chi

Buy Delta 8 THC: 10 best online D8 companies

3Chi has been around for a while with its CBN and other cannabinoid products. They are also one of the pioneering companies in the delta 8 world. They are liked and well-respected by lots of experienced delta 8 THC users.

Brand Highlights

  • One of the first brands’ to debut delta 8 THC products
  • Biochemist founder with years of experience in product formulation
  • Can purchase a wholesale amount through their site if you own a store

3Chi makes potent and clean delta 8 products that are vegan, gluten-free, and made from organic hemp.

They have been around for a while and their advantage of having a biochemist founder shows in their delta 8. 3Chi set up the groundwork for companies like Everest to dominate.

3Chi even does wholesale deals online, so if you have a store you can reach out. Lastly, we want to mention 3Chi’s premium-grade oil. This comes from a delta 8 THC distillate that is diluted with a carrier oil.

#3. Area 52

Buy Delta 8 THC: 10 best online D8 companies
Area 52

If you like quirky and a little bit strange, Area 52’s alien products may be right for you.

They have a limited amount of products, but they are potent and well-liked. If having a lot of products to choose from overwhelms you, then you’ll be fine shopping with Area 52.

Brand Highlights

  • Vegan, organic, gluten-free delta 8 gummies
  • Gummies are also low in sugar
  • “Custom-engineered formulas” courtesy of their biochemist founder

This brand is one of the few that live up to Everest in terms of its dietary inclusivity. They both are vegan, organic, and gluten-free.

Another bonus for Area 52 is that their gummies are low in sugar. So if sugar is a concern when it comes to edibles, this may be the way to try one.

Like 3Chi, Area 52 has a biochemist so it does help when it comes to their extraction and formulation processes.

#4. Koi CBD

Buy Delta 8 THC: 10 best online D8 companies

If you didn’t know before, Koi CBD is a well-renowned CBD company. They have several features in many publications that rave over their CBD oil. Since they have mastered that, Koi is pivoting to delta 8.

Their products, like their gummies, are super potent and combined with quality ingredients that pass our test.

Brand Highlights

  • Well known, liked, and featured in lots of articles
  • Offers a variety of flavor and strain choices for delta 8 THC products
  • Lifetime discount for veterans

We believe that Koi CBD shows its appreciation for its customers by the purity of its products and its great policies.

If you are active duty or a veteran, you can verify your status on its website and receive a lifetime discount of 25% on every order.

Next to Everest, Koi has the lowest threshold to qualify for free shipping. If you spend $35, you’ll receive it.

One thing many reviewers do note is that their flavors aren’t too strong. That’s because they stick to all-natural flavoring, so if you are health conscious this will be perfect. If you do love strong flavors for your gummies though, this might not be the best choice for you.

#5. MoonWlkr

Buy Delta 8 THC: 10 best online D8 companies

MoonWlkr has a great selection of delta 8 THC products to choose from. This company’s products are based on popular strains like pineapple express and watermelon zkittlez. It is a pretty unique aspect of MoonWlkr that makes them a bit different than the rest.

Brand Highlights

  • Organic hemp
  • Can buy 2 or 3-packs of delta 8 goods
  • Rewards program

All of Moonwlkr’s products come from organic hemp like many of the other brands on this list. You may also view any lab results in their own separate tab on their website.

As for the other features we mentioned, they allow customers to purchase in bulk in case they want to stock up. You can always purchase a single, double, or triple pack of each of their products.

MoonWlkr’s rewards program is also a pretty cool perk. For every $1 spent on their stuff, you’ll earn 10 points. Their smaller tiered reward is a $5off coupon for only 100 points. They make it easy to earn cashback on your future purchases.

#6. Delta Effex

Buy Delta 8 THC: 10 best online D8 companies
Delta Effex

Delta Effex has quite a few different delta 8 THC products available, from flowers to disposables. The latter being a particularly popular item.

This company offers a delta 8 shot and a pack of gummies in its edible section, but they both aren’t vegan. Unfortunately, Delta Effex’s rainbow gummies use gelatin, an animal byproduct. If you are an edible user and don’t like to smoke, then you would have to try their shot to be able to use this company.

Brand Highlights

  • Uses all-natural hemp for delta 8
  • Rewards program
  • Offers 5 or 10 packs depending on the item

If you end up liking Delta Effex’s products, you can order in bulk. Some items will even let you order a 10 pack.

Delta Effex also has a rewards program where you can earn 1 point for every dollar spent.  And for every 100 points, you’ll get $1 off your next purchase. This is not the greatest deal, but it is a way to save on something you were already going to order.

Buy Delta 8 THC: 10 best online D8 companies
Bearly Legal

Bearly Legal has a ton of delta 8 edibles, flowers, cartridges, and more. They even have prerolled joints and moonrocks!

This brand’s reviews speak for themselves with a little over 500 5-star reviews.

Brand Highlights

  • Giant variety of products, including prerolls
  • Can buy in 2 or 3 packs
  • 100% guaranteed quality

Another super great aspect of Bearly Legal is that they offer free shipping on orders $50+.

Their products are so potent that they can feel like the deal (delta 9), that is why they are just bearly legal. 

#8. Snapdragon Hemp

Buy Delta 8 THC: 10 best online D8 companies
Snapdragon Hemp

From honey sticks to peanut butter jars, Snapdragon holds the market for the insane amount of things with delta 8 infused into them.

Don’t let their intense lineup of delta 8 intimidate you, Snapdragon is beginner-friendly. They make lower doses of delta 8 in their gummies. So instead of having to buy 20 or 25 mg edibles, you can buy 10mg ones.

Brand Highlights

  • Large variety of delta 8 products
  • Offers a 10mg gummy pack for beginners/those who something mild
  • Live chatbot to answer any questions

As we mentioned earlier, Snapdragon has a lot to choose from. Even if you just wanted to try delta 8 topically, you can with their goat milk-infused lotion.

With all these options, there are a lot of affordable ways to try out delta 8 THC. You don’t have to compromise quality for $$$.

Another reason why we believe Snapdragon is deserving enough to be on this list is because of their friendly chatbot. Anyone who has questions about their company, the products, or delta 8 can have their answers on the spot.

#9. Diamond CBD

Buy Delta 8 THC: 10 best online D8 companies
Diamond CBD

If you are looking for yet another CBD-focused company buying into the delta 8 hype, Diamond CBD is a great fit.

They use their strengths in CBD to complement their new delta 8 focus. You can find a combination of both cannabinoids into a single product like their oils.

Brand Highlights

  • Known and trusted
  • Makes products with 1:1 ratio CBD and delta 8
  • Rewards program

Diamond CBD balances out its products with an equal ratio of CBD and delta 8, making the perfect hybrid.

They do have a rewards program where you get put into different tiers which offer different benefits. The lowest tier, silver, means you have 1-10k points and earn 5 points for every dollar spent. The highest tier, gold, means you earn 10 points for every dollar spent once you hit 25k+ points. For every 2000 points you’ll receive $20 off. It isn’t too hard to get there given that they give you 200 points for every review posted.

#10. Finest Labs

Buy Delta 8 THC: 10 best online D8 companies
Finest Labs

For those who are super interested in terpenes, which are oils that help make delta 8 smell good, Finest Labs’ products are made for you.

Their scientists specialize in terpene creation and pride themselves on how premium their terpenes are.

Brand Highlights

  • Vegan delta 8 THC products
  • Sustainability guarantee
  • Cheap

This company values sustainability and tries to be as eco-friendly as possible in its production process.

Finest Labs strives to create a balance between affordability and quality when it comes to its delta 8 products. We believe their products are good for people who have been put off by some of the prices of other products mentioned here earlier.