Hack your way through your reading pile with this limited discount on a Blinkist subscription

Consume books, 15 minutes at a time.

According to The Pew Research Center, a quarter of U.S. adults haven’t picked up a book in whole or in part in the past year — whether in print, digital, or audio form. There are multiple factors as to why there’s a massive chunk of non-book readers, but it’s not a reach to say that it’s partly due to how busy our lives are. If you’re a self-proclaimed bookworm, but need another option other than speed reading, then we have a program for you. 

Blinkist is an app that condenses books into easily digestible formats — 15-minute audio and text explainers  —allowing you to consume as many titles as you wish without them eating too much of your time. For a limited time, you can grab a 2-year subscription for  just $99.99, that’s 73 percent off the list price of $383. 

Whether it’s a non-fiction book or a podcast, Blinkist delivers to you the key ideas from your chosen content. A subscription nets you unlimited access to a library of over 4,500 titles, allowing you to read or listen to the core ideas of thousands of books, essays, novels, and more. Even better, the books and podcasts span 27 categories, from personal development and entrepreneurship to psychology and corporate culture.

Check out how it works:

So as not to get you overwhelmed with the titles available on the platform, personal recommendations and curated collections are put together by top experts, helping you explore content that you’re actually interested in. You can also build a personal library of titles that you can revisit anytime, and with the highlight feature, you can mark your favorite passages for future reference. There’s even a dark mode that lets you enjoy Blinkist in the evening as you wind down.

Blinkist has performed remarkably well in its time having earned over 70,000 4.8/5 star reviews on the App Store, and over 62,000 4.5/5 star reviews from Google Play.

Only around for a few weeks, this deal on this subscription is a limited-time opportunity that you will not want to miss. A 2-year subscription to the app would usually set you back $383, but for a few short weeks, you can grab it on sale for only $99.99.

Prices subject to change.