CBD oil has been taking the personal wellness industry by storm ever since hemp itself was made legal in 2018 at the federal level. The Agricultural Improvement Act, or Farm Bill for short, removed the long-standing federal restrictions on the growth, cultivation, and sale of hemp and hemp-based products. Since then, hemp and CBD products have stormed the markets, creating a huge industry worth billions of dollars.

What is CBD oil?

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found in the Cannabis plant. Yes, that’s the same plant that we get Marijuana from, but hemp and Marijuana are separate strains of Cannabis. The main difference between them is the concentration of Cannabinoids like CBD and THC. Hemp typically contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight, according to federal guidelines. Remember that THC isn’t legal yet in every state, so check your state’s guides before making a purchase.

What does full-spectrum mean?

Full-spectrum is a term that applies to the concentration of Cannabinoids in the CBD oil. A broad-spectrum product contains a more broad spectrum of Cannabinoids, usually excluding THC entirely. Full-spectrum products contain all or most of the plant’s Cannabinoids, often including THC. It’s important to read labels thoroughly to make sure you’re getting the right product for your needs.

What do people use CBD for?

CBD is a truly amazing natural compound and is used for many ailments and personal health concerns. People take CBD to try and help with chronic and acute pain, inflammation, seizures, depression, and anxiety. The best part is that CBD offers either no side effects or minor side effects like headaches or drowsiness and costs less than a fraction of some medications.

People across the globe trust Cannabis and its many products for their personal health, so we’ve chosen the top ten full-spectrum CBD oil options on the market for you to choose from. Enjoy!

1. Verma Farms Mint Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg

Best full-spectrum CBD oil
Image Credit: Verma Farms

First on our list is Verma Farms, one of the top CBD providers in the nation. What makes Verma so much different than the competitor? It’s actually simple: quality ingredients, better pricing for high-tier CBD products, and customer service that blows away the rest of the industry. This delicious, potent mint CBD blend contains the full spectrum of hemp benefits in a convenient package with 500mg CBD in each bottle.

Chronic pain? Anxiety? Inflammation? With the full spectrum of Cannabinoids, you won’t have to worry about painful, uncomfortable symptoms anymore. As of this writing, each bottle is one sale for just $59.99. Treat yourself to CBD sourced from organic, high-quality hemp and taste the difference that is Verma Farms.

2. Penguin CBD Pure Citrus CBD Oil 1,000mg

Best full-spectrum CBD oil
Image Credit: Penguin CBD

When you need the delicious tangy flavor of citrus and the power of quality organic hemp extract, you need Penguin CBD’s pure citrus CBD oil. Featuring 1,000mg of CBD in every bottle, this delicious CBD option contains CBD extracted from organic, USA-grown hemp. Not to mention, Penguin has stellar reviews from some of the country’s top publications in personal health and news, including Maxim, Healthline, and Rolling Stone.

You can purchase a bottle of Penguin citrus CBD oil on the brand’s website for just $45 per bottle. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, sign up for a monthly subscription and save up to 20% per bottle.

3. Everest Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 1,500mg

Best full-spectrum CBD oil

For all of you dessert lovers out there, Everest has the perfect CBD oil for you. Their blueberry mint full-spectrum CBD oil is mouth-wateringly good. While the oil can be taken directly under the tongue, it also goes deliciously well mixed into a cup of hot cocoa too.

Everest’s CBD oil packs a potent punch as well. Each bottle contains 1,500mg of CBD, with every 1mL dose containing 50mg of CBD. It also has a 5:1 ratio of CBD to other helpful cannabinoids, such as THC. It normally costs $125 per bottle, though you can shave that down to $100 with their “subscribe & save 20%” plan.

4. Evn CBD Mint CBD Oil 1,000mg

Best full-spectrum CBD oil
Image Credit: EVN CBD

We love Evn CBD’s awesome mint CBD oil blend because it’s both delicious and affordable. Sometimes, CBD products become a bit expensive, especially in higher doses. But with Evn, you’re getting 1,000mg of pure, potent CBD extract suspended in MCT oil and loaded with organic peppermint oil for a sweet, minty flavor. Every bottle is just $100 and Evn also offers a subscription plan that can save you up to 10% per bottle.

What makes Evn so special? Well, the brand uses organic hemp, and every product is lab-tested for potency and consistency. It’s one thing to say you’re using high-quality ingredients, and another thing entirely to verify that promise with lab testing. Overall, Evn CBD is one of the best brands on our list.

5. FIVE CBD Mint Chocolate CBD Oil 3,000mg

Best full-spectrum CBD oil
Image Credit: FIVE CBD

Sometimes, 1,000mg just doesn’t cut it. When you have chronic aches and pains, intense anxiety, or even depression, you just need an extra boost of CBD to keep your symptoms at bay and focus on life. That’s where FIVE CBD’s amazing 3,000mg CBD oil tincture comes in handy. With high potency, delicious flavors, and a great price, this is the right option for when the smaller doses won’t do it for you.

FIVE is a brand that’s committed to quality in its products, offering a 5:1 ratio of CBD and THC in every bottle for good balance. Plus, you’re paying less than $90 for a bottle with 3,000mg of high-quality CBD. That’s a steal!

6. Just CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 3,000mg

Best full-spectrum CBD oil
Image Credit: JUST CBD

There’s nothing better than simplicity, especially when it comes to personal wellness. We often look for the best quality products, but forget that simplicity is a good approach because it helps us avoid those strange filler ingredients and preservatives. Cue Just CBD, a CBD brand that’s become a favorite in the industry for that very reason: simplicity in ingredients.

This potent 3,000mg bottle of CBD oil contains plenty of Cannabinoids for any needs and costs just under $120 per bottle. Just CBD offers a full lineup of CBD products, including oils and gummies, but this delicious oil blend simply had to make the top five of our list for its quality, pricing, and potency.

7. PureKana Full-Spectrum Unflavored CBD Oil 1,000mg

Best full-spectrum CBD oil
Image Credit: PureKana

PureKana was bound to make this list, even if we weren’t covering full-spectrum products. Why? Because the company has become all but synonymous with CBD itself, pioneering some of the first strict industry standards in CBD products and the hemp they’re extracted from. PureKana only sources its CBD from quality, organic, Kentucky-grown hemp, and you can feel and taste that difference in every product.

This unflavored variety offers the full spectrum of Cannabinoids with no flavor to offend your taste buds. Combining simplicity and affordability, PureKana takes the number six spot on our list with flying colors. Get yours today for just $139 per bottle, with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on your oil.

8. Kanibi Choco Mint Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture 750mg

Best full-spectrum CBD oil
Image Credit:Kanibi

Let’s be honest—Kanibi’s CBD oil just looks good. Green on black never disappoints, and, luckily, the contents of each bottle won’t disappoint, either. Kanibi aims to take the CBD industry on with its flagship full-spectrum blend, complete with chocolatey-mint goodness that’s perfect for any picky tasters. With 750mg of CBD per bottle, you’re getting a good dose of important Cannabinoids without overdoing it.

With Kanibi, you get free shipping on all orders over $100 and a money-back guarantee you won’t find from the competition. Each bottle of this minty CBD oil blend costs just $129, but you can subscribe to a plan and receive up to 10% per bottle.

9. NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil Tincture 1,800mg

Best full-spectrum CBD oil
Image Credit: NuLeaf Naturals

Next on our list is NuLeaf Naturals, a brand that’s garnered plenty of positive attention in recent years. With a focus on quality and potency, NuLeaf has changed the CBD industry in ways we still don’t know the extent of. Looking for all-natural pain relief? Anxiety relief? Try this 1,800mg bottle of pure, potent CBD oil for just $149. Where NuLeaf falls short in price it certainly makes up for in quality, featuring only the highest quality hemp extract and all-natural ingredients. Subscribe today and save up to 10% on your order.

10. Spruce CBD Maximum Strength CBD Oil Tincture 750mg

Best full-spectrum CBD oil
Image Credit: Spruce CBD

When you need maximum strength CBD relief, reach for Spruce. Named after one of nature’s most iconic trees, the brand embodies the term “all-natural”, from its name to its commitment to only using the best ingredients in every CBD product. This 750mg bottle of potent CBD contains the full spectrum of Cannabinoids for maximum enjoyment and relief from any ailments.

Spruce also provides additional options for carrier oils. You can get organic hemp seed oil or organic coconut MCT oil. Not many providers offer such an option! For just $89, you can get a bottle of one of nature’s greatest gifts.

11. Cornbread CBD Whole Flower USDA Organic CBD Oil 1,500mg

Best full-spectrum CBD oil
Image Credit: Cornbread CBD

Cornbread CBD is last on our list, but the company is first in unique branding and among the top competitors for potency, quality, and customer satisfaction. Featuring USDA-certified organic ingredients, Cornbread brings you one of the best CBD experiences on the market for less than $110. With 1,500mg of potent, organic CBD per bottle, this is the perfect option for new and experienced CBD users alike.

The company also offers an impressive subscription program, which can help you save up to 20% off each month with new orders. Get yours today and learn why Cornbread is quickly becoming a fan favorite in the CBD world.