Delta 8 THC is becoming an increasingly popular cannabinoid to use in vape carts. This industry in particular is bringing out so many different companies, products, and technological innovations.

If you keep up with the latest marijuana and hemp-related news, then you know that delta 8 is all the craze. It’s federally legal, gets you high, and can be relaxing.

Delta 8 THC, or delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, is similar to delta 9 THC. However, delta 9 is far more potent, illegal on a federal level, and can induce paranoia and anxiety. With delta 8, you can have the high with a very small risk of any paranoia/anxiety and can use it in most states.

One of the favorite ways to use delta 8 THC is by vaping. But, there are so many vape cartridges on the market right now. It can be a little overwhelming to look through and do hours of research. Which is why we did it all for you!

Here you’ll learn how to judge a delta 8 THC company and what to look for in each brand. We did the hard part for you though, so you can even just look at all the companies who passed our test. We included our favorites down below.

Top 12 Delta 8 THC Vape Carts Near Me

  1. Everest
  2. Delta Effex
  3. MoonWlkr
  4. Diamond CBD
  5. 3Chi
  6. Botany Farms
  7. Industrial Hemp Farms
  8. Single Source
  9. Snapdragon
  10. Finest Labs
  11. Skyhio
  12. Organic CBD Nugs

How to judge Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges

Brand Reputation

Since delta 8 THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid, this makes it very important to make sure you pick a brand that is trustworthy. Customer satisfaction is one way to put the brand’s reputation to the test. You should check out each company’s reviews on their site and off their site.

It’s best to go for products that have mainly 5-star reviews to receive a great delta 8 product that others trust and like.

Vape Cartridges’ Quality and Purity

Any delta 8 THC company can claim their products are perfect and pure. The real way to see if they are telling the truth is by checking out their lab results. As a potential customer, you should check each website’s Certificates of Analysis (CoA) for each cart you are interested in.

These will let you know what else their delta 8 THC products contain such as other cannabinoids and if it passed its contaminants lab tests.


Ingredients are a necessary factor to consider. You are going to be vaping these carts and should check out the ingredients beforehand, especially since this will be going into your lungs.

It’s best to look for carts that only contain natural and organic ingredients to be safe.


There are a ton of delta 8 THC companies on the market right now. There are also quite a few really great companies that check our list on reputation, quality, and ingredients. This makes it pretty hard to pick the right brand after considering all those factors, which is why we believe programs are a great factor to think about.

Yes, this brand offers organic and quality delta 8 THC vape cartridges, but what else? You should scope out any subscription programs, rewards, or bulk options each brand has. It’s a competitive market, and you should pick out a brand that is customer-oriented when it comes to any brand programs.

Website Experience

Clearly, shopping online is superior to shopping in person. You can have all your options laid out in front of you on a site but are limited when it comes to shopping in-store. You are also able to check out more brands at once and their lab results easily online.

A great user experience on a website is important when researching delta 8 THC. You want to click on a site and to be able to locate any information you want without any struggle. A good website speaks to how the brand values its customers. If they make it hard to navigate, then they are telling potential customers that they don’t care.

A brand should make it easy for you to give them money, and you can see if they are doing so by how they designed their website.

Where to Buy Delta 8 THC Carts

#1. Everest

Delta 8 carts near me: 12 most reliable companies to shop with
Image Credit: Everest

Everest is at the top of the list because we believe it’s the best. This company is truly the standard when it comes to transparency and serving customers. From its premium quality delta 8 to its sustainability to its perfect website, there is no better choice.

We love Everest, and after you keep reading, you’ll love them too.

Brand Highlights

  • 2x lab-tested products
  • Organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO hemp
  • Sustainably sourced from the dirt to packaging

While there are a ton of companies out there that won’t post any lab results, Everest double tests everything to ensure its quality and potency is just right.

Their delta 8 THC carts come from organically grown hemp in the USA. You don’t have to worry about harmful pesticide contaminants because they don’t use any. Everest doesn’t compromise its quality just to sell a cart, they only will offer their best because they value the customer.

Everest also thinks about its environmental impact when it comes to its production process. They strive to be as sustainable as they can in their choices and to take into account the environmental repercussions of their actions.

We have also seen many 5-star reviews and articles featuring Everest as a fan-favorite delta 8 THC company. Others trust this company, and we do too.

You can also save big when shopping with Everest. This company offers free shipping on every order, with no minimum amount that you need to buy. This is totally rare in the delta 8 THC space, and we definitely think you should take advantage of it. They even offer a subscribe and save box that you can customize to your liking. You’ll save 20% off retail prices, choose how often you want your products to be delivered, and can skip or cancel at any time. And, if you are a long-term subscriber, you are subject to even more bonuses.

Lastly, Everest’s website is perfection. It’s easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and really relaxing. When you enter their site it’s like you’ve entered in on a cloud among the mountains.

#2. Delta Effex

Delta 8 carts near me: 12 most reliable companies to shop with
Image Credit: Delta Effex

Delta Effex is a super popular brand that you have probably seen in tons of articles if you have ever looked up delta 8 THC products. They are widely trusted and have so many 5-star ratings on all carts.

You can choose between 6 different flavors: blue dream, razzberry kush, banana candy kush, strawberry cough, cali orange kush, and grand daddy purp.

Brand Highlights

  • Carts are based on strains like indica, sativa, and hybrid
  • Can order in a single or 10 pack

Delta Effex has a great selection of flavors that are each based on a strain. 3 of them are hybrids, 2 of them are indica, and they offer one sativa based cart. Each has a certificate of analysis posted in the lab results tab on their website.

This company’s site is easy to use and features real people using their products. However, on their homepage, they do have a video on auto-play with lots of flashing to transition from one product to another. If you are sensitive to light flashes, quickly scroll or click on one of their product tabs.

As for the ingredients, each cart contains third-party lab-tested delta 8 THC and terpenes. Unfortunately, Delta Effex does not mention how their terpenes are sourced.

As for its programs, you can buy carts in a single or 10 pack which is great if you go through a cart quickly. They also have a subscription service that will let you save 15% off retail. Lastly, they do have a rewards program where you can earn a point for every dollar spent.

#3. MoonWlkr

Delta 8 carts near me: 12 most reliable companies to shop with
Image Credit: MoonWlkr

MoonWlkr is another great brand you’ll see a lot of if you research delta 8 THC. They have 4 different flavored carts with amazing 5-star reviews.

Although this isn’t a factor in determining a good cartridge, all of theirs are named after different moons which we think is super cool.

Brand Highlights

  • Uses plant-derived terpenes
  • Super comprehensive lab results that you can check out on the product page
  • Can order in a 1, 3, or 5-pack

One of the reasons why we love MoonWlkr is because they use plant-derived terpenes. These are the best and an all-natural and safe way to get high with a product that smells good. This company passes our ingredients and quality test.

MoonWlkr also has a great user experience for their website. You can find all the products and information you are looking for easily. They even made it so you can view the lab results on the product page. This means you don’t need to look at a product and leave that page to click on the lab results tab. Instead, you can scroll down on the cart page that you like, click lab results, and it will take you to the PDF. All you have to do is click back, and boom you are back at the product you were looking at.

This company also has great programs for its customers. You can order carts in a single, 3, or 5-pack and receive rewards while you do it. MoonWlkr offers 10 points for every dollar spent. And if you refer a friend, and they make a purchase, you’ll both receive $10 off your next purchase.

#4. Diamond CBD

Delta 8 carts near me: 12 most reliable companies to shop with
Image Credit: Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD has 4 pages of delta 8 THC vape cartridges, liquids, and additives you can choose from. This company is known for its CBD products but is also trusted with delta 8 as well.

Diamond CBD even offers disposable vaping pens if you want to try out smoking for the first time, but don’t want to make the investment and buy a separate pen and cartridge.

Brand Highlights

  • So many different vape cartridges to choose from
  • Super strong carts with 900 mg of delta 8 THC
  • Rewards program

If you are an experienced delta 8 THC user, you may want a product that will rock your world. Diamond CBD can be a great choice with 900 mg per vape cart. They are also a trusted and respected brand in the industry.

Diamond CBD is transparent about its ingredients and lab results, with both on each product page. They only use hemp extract and natural terpenes to formulate. Like MoonWlkr, you can see the lab results on the same page as the product you are looking at. This is why we believe this company’s site is easy to use. However, it does lack a little pizzazz when it comes to design.

If you start purchasing with Diamond CBD, you can earn points towards rewards. If you have 0-10k points you’ll earn 5 points for every dollar spent. Once you earn over 10k-25k points, you’ll earn 7.5 points for every dollar. Lastly, if you have over 25k points, you’ll earn 10 points for every dollar. Diamond CBD really incentivizes saving points to earn more perks.

#5. 3Chi

Delta 8 carts near me: 12 most reliable companies to shop with
Image Credit: 3Chi

3Chi was one of the first to make waves in the delta 8 THC industry. That being said, they are well-respected and usually one of the first brands people recommend when it comes to choosing a delta 8 vape.

Brand Highlights

  • Affordable
  • 51 strains to choose from
  • Offers a CBN and delta 8 THC vape

3Chi, like all other companies mentioned, has their lab results posted in a lab-specific section on their site. As for ingredients, they use all-natural botanical or cannabis-derived terpenes.

This company’s website is very plain, but that’s because they let their products do all the talking.

With 3Chi’s carts, you can choose between 1000mg or 500mg of delta 8 THC. These are sure to pack a punch and the recommended serving size is only 1 puff.

You are also getting a great steal with these vape cartridges, they are strong and affordable. A .5ml cart can cost you just $24.99. We also believe that 3Chi has the most strains to choose from currently. So it may be a little crazy to go through and choose just one.

Luckily, they offer free delivery on orders $99+.

#6. Botany Farms

Delta 8 carts near me: 12 most reliable companies to shop with
Image Credit: Botany Farms

Botany Farms is an organic delta 8 THC company that prides itself on its thorough planting and extraction process.

Brand Highlights

  • Only 1 vape strain offered
  • Works with micro-farms to source all delta 8 THC
  • Refer a friend program

Unfortunately, there is only 1 vape strain offered at Botany Farms, sour special sauce indica. So if you don’t happen to like indica or sour special sauce, this company is not the place for you.

This vape product also does contain CBD, but no terpenes. With their production process, Botany Farms preserves the flowers’ natural scent.

This company also does have an easily navigable site, but they do make it a little hard to read all their CoAs. All of them are posted on one page, but you cannot click on them so you have to zoom in on your own. We hope they update and fix this aspect of their site.

If you try and like Botany Farm’s vape, you can refer a friend to earn $$. If they make a purchase, you’ll both get $15 towards your next one.

#7. Industrial Hemp Farms

Delta 8 carts near me: 12 most reliable companies to shop with
Image Credit: Industrial Hemp Farms

Industrial Hemp Farms is one of the biggest delta 8 THC distributors in the US. That being said, obviously, they are trusted amongst many.

Brand Highlights

  • Cartridges are non-GMO and pesticide-free
  • Affordable pricing

This company is trusted by many retailers which is why we included them on our list. Since they are a distributor they sell things in bulk as well as in retail sizes. We would recommend them to someone who wants a cheap fix, but they aren’t necessarily our favorite brand.

#8. Single Source

Delta 8 carts near me: 12 most reliable companies to shop with
Image Credit: Single Source

Single Source is not as popular as some of the other brands mentioned, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out.

This company is based in North Carolina where they process everything with an in-house chemist to make high-quality terpenes.

Brand Highlights

  • 14 different strains to choose from
  • Buy 10 or more and get $4.99 off
  • 875 mg delta 8 THC

Although their website may lack the looks and color, their products are super colorful and aesthetically pleasing. If you check out their delta 8 THC vape section, you’ll see a wide range of 14 different strains. Each of them containing 875 mg and terpenes to match.

Single Source does not mention if their hemp is organic or if they use all-natural terpenes either.

You can save $4.99 if you order 10 or more carts and receive free delivery on orders over $85.

#9. Snapdragon

Delta 8 carts near me: 12 most reliable companies to shop with
Image Credit: SnapDragon

This company does have quite a few 5-star reviews, but we’d like to mention that they do not pass all our tests. It is a brand quite a few people recommend when looking for delta 8 THC products, but they do lack transparency.

If you want to check out this brand, proceed with caution.

Brand Highlights

  • Can choose between cannabis-derived or botanically derived terpenes
  • Offers a hybrid CBN and delta 8 THC vape cartridge
  • Live chatbot

Snapdragon does not have an about us section on their website where you can learn more about the company and its process. They also do not have lab reports available but have testimonials and good product ratings. We only included them on this list because of that factor, but believe you should be cautious if purchasing from here.

Snapdragon does have their lab results posted from their edible products, so we hope they will include vapes soon.

#10. Finest Labs

Delta 8 carts near me: 12 most reliable companies to shop with
Image Credit: Finest Labs

Finest Labs is a smaller company with only 3 products in their entire online store. But, they have scientists who specialize in terpene formulation to bring out an amazing scent experience.

Brand Highlights

  • Premium hemp with natural terpenes
  • Terpene focused company
  • Monthly subscription available

With Finest Labs, you are getting great quality hemp and terpenes because that’s what they focus on. Having a smaller amount of things to choose from allows them to perfect each formula before moving onto the next.

Their website is really pretty and easy to use, so they get an A+ on its site experience.

You can order in 1, 2, or 3-packs and receive up to 7.5% off if you do so. Or you can subscribe and receive monthly deliveries for 15% off.

#11. Skyhio

Delta 8 carts near me: 12 most reliable companies to shop with
Image Credit: Skyhio

If you want something really cheap, but trusted, Skyhio can be a good choice.

Brand Highlights

  • 28 different delta 8 THC vape strains to choose from
  • Affordable
  • Cannabis-derived terpenes

If you choose Skyhio, you’ll get an approximately 900mg vape cartridge with no additives. It’s also priced at $19.99, but Skyhio does not talk about its hemp or extraction process on its website. We know the terpenes are all-natural, but not about their delta 8 THC.

However, they do have a lot of satisfied customers that love their vapes. If you buy from here, you can get free delivery on orders over $149.

#12. Organic CBD Nugs

Delta 8 carts near me: 12 most reliable companies to shop with
Image Credit: Organic CBD Nugs

Organic CBD Nugs is well-liked and they have the customer reviews to prove it. They even have an entire section of their site dedicated to reviews.

Brand Highlights

  • 15 different strains
  • CoA on product page
  • 1000mg in all vape cartridges

This company does not mention how their delta 8 or terpenes are sourced, but they do have the certificate of analysis posted on each product page. So you can check the potency and quality of each delta 8 THC vape.

However, Organic CBD Nugs does not really have any programs to incentivize customers. But you can receive free delivery on orders over $75.

Delta 8 THC Carts FAQs

Delta 8 THC is legal on a federal level thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. This bill made the distinction between hemp and marijuana plants and allowed the cultivation and sale of hemp and any hemp-derived products.

If a product is hemp-derived, it must have less than 0.3% delta 9 THC to comply with the law. Unfortunately, states weighed in on the federal government’s decisions and some decided to outlaw delta 8 THC.

If you live in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Vermont, or Utah, you cannot buy any delta 8 products.

It’s also not allowed for persons under the age of 21.

Can you order Delta 8 carts online?

If you live in a state where delta 8 is legal, yes you may buy carts online.

You can simply check out the brands mentioned on this list (our favorite is Everest) and go ahead and make a purchase.

Do Delta 8 carts smell?

If you pick the right brand, your delta 8 cartridges will only smell delicious.

Most make their delta 8 odorless and add in terpenes to give you a wonderful aromatic experience.

Is Delta 8 safe to smoke?

Delta 8 itself can be safe to smoke, but you must be wary of how it’s sourced and what other ingredients are used as well.

What are the benefits of Delta 8?

According to National Cancer Institute, delta 8 THC can prevent nausea, reduce anxiety, increase appetite, and soothe pain.

Also, if getting high is your thing, delta 8 has half the potency of delta 9 THC. So you can reap the benefits of a hemp-derived substance, with less of a chance of experiencing paranoia or any other negative aspect of regular delta 9.

Please keep in mind that delta 8 products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disorders or diseases.