The CBD space has plenty of competition, between the high-quality brands like Verma Farms and PureKana and the lower-level grocery store brands that are a bit more accessible. While there may be thousands of options in the CBD industry for oils, that doesn’t mean every oil is made equal.

Some brands focus more on the potency and quality of ingredients than others, which makes for a much more effective and valuable product. Before you make a decision on which oil to buy, it’s important to review the ingredients, the brand, and the quality assurance that comes with your product. Luckily, we know exactly what to look for, so we’ve created a list for you.

This list will look at 15 of the top competitors in the CBD space for CBD oil. Each oil is reviewed for potency, quality, price, and the integrity of the brand, so you can make a more informed decision as a consumer. Let’s jump into the 15 best CBD oils for sale.

1. Verma Farms CBD Oil

CBD oil reviews: Best 15 CBD oils for sale
Image Credit: Verma Farms

Price: $59.99-$149.99

Strength: 500-1,000mg CBD per bottle

Flavors: Mint, lemon-lime, natural, pineapple, strawberry, peach.


Verma Farms is one of the CBD industry’s favorite producers for its commitment to the quality, consistency, and potency of its products. Not to mention, the brand has been featured in Forbes as the number choice in CBD. With several varieties to choose from, you’ll find whatever you need from your CBD oil, extracted only from all-natural, organic, USA-grown hemp.

2. Penguin CBD Oil

CBD oil reviews: Best 15 CBD oils for sale
Image Credit: Penguin CBD

Price: $45-$300 per bottle

Strength: 250mg-5,000mg CBD per bottle

Flavors: Natural, mint, citrus, strawberry, cookies n’ cream.


Penguin CBD snags the second-place spot on this list for its commitment to quality and its use of only the best, organically-grown hemp to extract pure CBD for a product that leaves the competition behind. Featuring delicious flavors and some of the best prices on the market, Penguin is leaving a mark on CBD and creating loyal customers worldwide.

3. Evn CBD Oil

CBD oil reviews: Best 15 CBD oils for sale
Image Credit: EVN CBD

Price: $60-$100

Strength: 500mg-1,000mg CBD per bottle

Flavors: Natural and mint flavors.


Evn CBD comes in third place with its small but impressive lineup of two flavors and strengths to make the decision easy. Choose between a deliciously invigorating mint flavor and a more natural, earthy flavor. Evn CBD extracts its CBD from only organic, pesticide-free, GMO-free hemp and contains no THC. Oh, and the brand uses a lab to verify the quality of its products, so you know you’re getting the maximum value out of every bottle.

4. PureKana CBD Oil

CBD oil reviews: Best 15 CBD oils for sale
Image Credit: PureKana

Price: $54-$249

Strength: 300mg-5,000mg CBD per bottle

Flavors: Fruity, natural, mint, citrus, vanilla.


PureKana is a brand that’s made serious strides in the CBD space. Along with pioneering the push for organic, quality hemp, the brand has created some of the CBD market’s favorite oils, gummies, and more. The CBD is extracted from organic hemp grown in the USA, with quality and potency at the top of the priority list. Try a bottle of fruity CBD oil for a taste that’s wholly unique to PureKana and won’t disappoint.

5. FIVE Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD oil reviews: Best 15 CBD oils for sale
Image Credit: FIVE

Price: $49.99-$174.99

Strength: 1,500mg-6,000mg CBD per bottle

Flavors: Mint chocolate, lavender, citrus.


FIVE CBD takes an approach to CBD that we can all appreciate. It’s simple, straightforward, and offers maximum results. What could be better? Featuring simple flavors like mint chocolate and citrus and a price tag that falls right in the middle of the industry, you’re getting a high-quality product you’ll buy again and again. Subscribe today and save up to 30% on every bottle of high-quality CBD oil.

6. Colorado Botanicals CBD Oil

CBD oil reviews: Best 15 CBD oils for sale
Image Credit: Colorado Botanicals

Price: $29.99-$199.99

Strength: 300mg-3,000mg CBD per bottle

Flavors: Peppermint and unflavored


Colorado botanicals is a brand that offers a potent, THC-free CBD oil with just one flavor: delicious peppermint. The oil is extracted using modern C02 extraction methods to ensure quality, consistency, flavor, and CBD potency. Treat yourself to a low price and high efficacy with CB’s hemp oil blend. With minimal ingredients, you’ll get exactly what you need and none of what you don’t from your CBD provider.

7. Royal CBD Oil

CBD oil reviews: Best 15 CBD oils for sale
Image Credit: Royal CBD

Price: $49-$229

Strength: 250mg-2,500mg CBD per bottle

Flavors: Natural, peppermint, vanilla, berry.


You deserve the best, so why not treat yourself like royalty? Royal CBD’s amazing CBD oil is some of the best on the market, and you won’t have to pay a pretty penny to feel like you’re part of the royal cabal. This full-spectrum oil features pure CBD extracted using modern methods for the best possible yield. Oh, and the peppermint and vanilla flavors are absolutely delicious.

8. Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

CBD oil reviews: Best 15 CBD oils for sale
Image Credit: Charlotte’s Web

Price: $24.99-$239.96

Strength: 1mg-60mg CBD per mL

Flavors: Mint chocolate, lemon twist, orange blossom.


Charlotte’s Web easily made the top 10 on our list simply for the fact that they offer some of the most patent, high-quality oil blends on the market. At 60mg per mL, you’re getting the maximum dose out of your CBD oil for a price you’ll love. Charlotte’s Web is one of the country’s favorite CBD providers, with mentions in top publications and other review sites.

9. Premium Jane Citrus CBD Oil

CBD oil reviews: Best 15 CBD oils for sale
Image Credit: Premium Jane

Price: $48-$275

Strength: 45mg-5,000mg CBD per bottle.

Flavors: Citrus, mint chocolate, mint, natural, chocolate, lemon-lime, peach nectar.


Premium Jane isn’t called Premium Jane for nothing. The brand’s delicious and potent CBD oil lineup provides several flavors and potency options so you’re getting what you expect from a top ten CBD brand. Using only premium ingredients, modern extraction methods, and a promise of quality the brand upholds, Premium Jane makes the top ten on our list easily.

10. Spruce CBD Oil

CBD oil reviews: Best 15 CBD oils for sale
Image Credit: Spruce

Price: $89-$269

Strength: 750mg-2,400mg CBD per bottle.

Flavors: Key lime, natural, peppermint.


Spruce things up with this high-quality, natural brand that provides tasty, affordable CBD oils you’ll love. Snagging the bottom position in our top ten list, Spruce CBD oil brings affordability and quality together with simplicity and potency. Take a dropper full of Spruce CBD oil and relax, get something done, or enjoy a better night’s sleep.

11. Lazarus Naturals High Potency CBD Oil

CBD oil reviews: Best 15 CBD oils for sale
Image Credit:  Lazarus Naturals

Price: $24-$120

Strength: 750mg-6,000mg CBD per bottle

Flavors: Classic, chocolate mint, French vanilla mocha, Yuzu


No, Lazarus Naturals’ CBD oil won’t bring you back from the dead, but with a minimum of 750mg of CBD per bottle, it just might help you enjoy life a bit more. If you’re having trouble focusing, sleeping, or managing pain, this is the right oil for you. With plenty of flavors to choose from, a good mix of pricing options and strengths, and a name like Lazarus, how could you not want to give this delicious CBD oil a try?

12. Holmes Organic CBD Oil

CBD oil reviews: Best 15 CBD oils for sale
Image Credit: Holmes Organics

Price: $49.95-$74.95

Strength: 450mg-900mg CBD per bottle

Flavors: Unflavored


Holmes organic CBD oil is one of the few oils on the market that is USDA-certified as organic. With quick absorption, all-natural ingredients, and two potency levels to choose from, Holmes might just become your favorite CBD provider. USDA organic products are grown under strict conditions to limit them from exposure to harmful practices that jeopardize the integrity of crops. USDA organic hemp is some of the best hemp in the world!

13. Kanibi Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD oil reviews: Best 15 CBD oils for sale
Image Credit: Kanibi

Price: $69-$129

Strength: 750mg-1,500mg CBD per bottle

Flavors: Skittles, choco mint, peppermint, lemon-lime, cinnamon, unflavored.


When you need full-spectrum relief from the day’s anxiety or chronic pains, you need Kanibi’s CBD oil. Featuring full-spectrum potency and great pricing, Kanibi provides an affordable CBD option for everyone. With several flavors like Skittles and choco mint, you can shake up the monotony and discover something new.

14. HempLucid Certified Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD oil reviews: Best 15 CBD oils for sale
Image Credit: HempLucid

Price: $29.95-$144.95

Strength: 250mg-2,000mg CBD per bottle.

Flavors: Unflavored


HempLucid makes our list for its potent, full-spectrum USDA organic CBD blend. Featuring potent CBD extract in MCT oil, this certified organic product combines price and quality with ease. The hemp is USA-grown to ensure maximum quality, and the company uses only natural, modern extraction methods to ensure you’re getting the best end product. Try HempLucid today with doses and pricing options to meet everyone’s needs. Every product ships within 24 hours!

15. Green Roads Full-Spectrum/Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD oil reviews: Best 15 CBD oils for sale
Image Credit: Green Roads

Price: $44.99-$149.99

Strength: 10mg per mL-50mg per mL

Flavors: Original, apple kiwi bliss, mint breeze.


Green Roads takes last place on our list with its original CBD oil, available in both full and broad-spectrum varieties. With three flavors to choose from and a potent dose of CBD in every drop, this is a great value for new and seasoned CBD users. At just under $45 per bottle, it’s affordable, too. Don’t settle for the grocery store brand when access to top-tier oils is at your fingertips on the web!