This weather alert radio is on sale for only $50

This radio doubles as a flashlight, power generator, and more.

Hurricane seasons are growing more and more intense. The science doesn’t lie. We can thank global warming and fossil fuel polluters for that. What families can do is prepare. One tool that may prove helpful during a disaster is an emergency radio to stay connected to the outside world through broadcasts.

The American Red Cross FRX3+ Multi-Powered Weather Alert Radio is on sale for a limited time. The radio usually costs some $59, but you can have it for 16 percent off for $49.99. This isn’t your average weather alert radio. This one comes with a number of other features beyond FM/AM radio access. For one, it comes with an LED flashlight. This will give you some light if power goes out, which happens all the time during storms. It also doubles as a power generator. The radio is equipped with a USB port so that you can charge your phone or any electronics. You also don’t have to worry about the radio losing energy or dying. You can recharge it with a solar panel or a hand crank.

The government’s national website for emergency response suggests a battery-powered or hand-crank radio in your disaster kit. You also need a flashlight and extra batteries—which this radio pretty much provides through its USB port and LED light. The red flashing beacon on the radio also lets you make others aware of a disaster or emergency. Most urgently, you get access to emergency weather alerts so you can keep your eye on the storm and its whereabouts. It’s essential that you know when to evacuate during these events.

Having earned 4.6/5 stars on Amazon, the American Red Cross FRX3+ Multi-Powered Weather Alert Radio is a worthy investment during this sale. At only $49.99, the radio will help keep you safe this hurricane season, as well as future seasons.

Prices subject to change.